Pregnant-pig amendment to go before voters

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 6, 2002.

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    I begining to think we got some Calf types invadeing florida....time to put the fence up... I love the term "unconstitutional " Will geting Bacon from a pig now require a warrent?

    Pregnant-pig amendment to go before voters

    The Associated Press
    Posted August 6, 2002, 10:56 AM EDT

    TALLAHASSEE -- A proposal to make caging pregnant pigs unconstitutional in Florida qualified for the November ballot after what was thought to be the nation's first such petition drive.

    Floridians for Humane Farms reached the required 488,722 certified signatures on Monday, according to the Division of Elections. :p

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    oink oink oink! and another oink! :confused:?

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    There was this guy here in Alabama who wanted to turn his property into a trailer park...the neighborhood association in his neighborhood took him to court and he turned it into a pig farm...true story
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    Is this another story about Rosie?

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    They'd rather have stinky pigs than Cooter and Bubba living next to them? What a travesty! :D
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    whatcha trying to say there Joe ?

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    Quit bothering me cousin Logan d., I gotta fix that 69 chevy pickup thats up on blocks in mah yard...dang 6 cylinders! :D
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    not this 'un Yankee..This 'un'll climb a tree. I was 12 year ole for I ever found out **** Yankee was two different words
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    Jeez Joe...I'm just kiddin' ...that's part of the problem with these computers, you don't get any inflection
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    And all this time I did not know that pigs had rights. I know they have a constitunion for animals in CA maybe they should send the pigs there they would be right at home in LA.
  12. The answer


    Just send the pigs to me. And in about a week come on over for the best ribs ya ever ate!!!!

    It also occurs to me, if the female pigs weren't such hussies, they would not be in this predicament in the first place.....:p
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    I got an inflection from a german girl once! A little penicillen and i was good to go! :eek: :rolleyes: :eek: :D
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    Darn those inflections anyhow!

    Stuck an exacto knife into my left hand yesterday, nice deep but clean cut - can see the index finger joint before the doc sewed it up.

    Piggy, piggy come here piggy! gonna make some good sausage and some good smoked bacon and the ribs, oohhh the ribs!!!

    Years ago Florida and Cailf were touching - continental drift - they had to - because this reeks of californication.
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    I have to ask Doglips about the pregnant pigs...What's up with that ?
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    The Pig Thing

    I could nto find the oricinal artical...came from Associated Press
    as it shows but were I found it I can rember.. The aritcal was really long and went int to the anamil rights people and pig farming methouds.
    In any case this Anamil Reights group got the signitures needed to get this placed on the ballot. The focased on how pregnet pigs are treated...kept in a small (3' x 7') pen and that their movement is restriced so therefore it is cruel. Now I aint ever even been to a pig farm so I dont know jack about pigs. Im sure pig or any other farmer is going to protect their investment and try to maxamise the yeild of their choosen this case pigs. People with a pot belly pig sleeping in a pig bed in side the house are probly treated better than farm pigs being raised for food. Now I dont like anamil abuse but Im a realist and realize that pigs, chickens, cows or other food source are not going to be treated like pets..but MY feeling is farmers are not going to abuse their investment....let farmers do the farm thing...tree huggers can go some were else to cause law suits.
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    people don't understand how large an impact the Judicial Branch has on every day life...I would even say that it is the most powerful branch of government...