Prelude to future events?

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  1. The makers of this film mentioned this scenerio could play out in the future. This is a clip of the film not the whole movie.[ame=]YouTube - The Crazies Trailer HD[/ame]
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    I dunno. But change the plot slightly a little to a small town being invaded by armed refugees/predators from a major urban area after a SHTF scenario.....
  4. I rented the movie last night. It was a great movie; however, I was not expecting what organizations were part of it. A must watch!
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    Looks like a good movie.
  6. Those were the hunters that found the plane in the beginning, they are right there from the small town. Its a good movie, I went out and baught it after it came out. I could very easy see our government doing something like this IF ( IF is the key word) Something like this was to happen (Plane or transport of some kind go down with an aggresive virus like the one in the movie) in the Us. You may think Im paranoid but I have learned not to trust our current Government.