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    No apology needed I sometimes I don’t type the wright wording like I would as if I were talking to the person directly.
    You have given me some good ideas . In my area we have a couple vintage clothing shops . That’s where I have gotten a lot of my wool clothing for hunting .

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    Many years ago we were near El Reno Oklahoma when the largest tornado in history hit. There was no cellar where we were and we did not know anybody there with one. The news warned everybody so we drove to a public shelter. They had about 200 people there but would not let us bring our two small dogs in. The storm was a couple miles away and coming fast. It was 2.6 miles wide and had wind at 301 mph.

    No big deal, we had a truck with 390 HP so we just drove away from it. Funny, because the small highway we were on was packed with hundreds of other people trying to get out of town. Traffic was only about 30 mph, the speed limit was 65. The ditches were too wet/muddy to get around so hundreds of us just poked along. Later news coverage said as many as 10,000 people from the west side of the Oklahoma City metro area had clogged the roads. Four experienced storm chasers died while we were trying to get out of town.

    That is what panic looks like. The tornado would not have harmed us if we had stayed, however, it got a barn less than a 1/4 mile away. Nobody wants to sit tight when a 301 mph wind is headed for you. Probably the same thing as a social breakdown. So, my thought is you might also want to look at alternate routes to get to your sister's house or plan to wait a few days to make that move. You are far ahead of most people, planning and attention to detail is what keeps folks alive.

    Just my 2 cents. Lots of wise people already posted here.
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    46camper: Sir; the link I found gives reasoning
    You’ve demonstrated good thought-reasoning but looking for 1 size fits all.
    Creating a list =‘s #1. Your family-Your personal needs-wants
    The basic. water-food-shelter-medication.
    Tools- me - where
    Given. We don’t each need the same.
    The basic doesn’t change

    I personally do not want go off grid. (family-age-medical)
    I have a list. Covering most perceived needs
    Under tremendous pressure. It will be interesting-fun and probably a failure
    Then the “tool”; me becomes active.

    reading-watching utube-thinking-applying; all consists continued learning.

    you-me-them-those will have failures. Becomes. How do-does failure affect-effect each; from that moment forward
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    Yea I plan on staying put as long as possible where I’m at but if things get real bad I want to be closer to my family. For one I trust them more then others . 2 most of my family at least the boys are more equipped and almost all the males in my family have military experience etc.
    My wife’s people are good at what they do but are not as ready for SHTF . They think I’m strange for being a Prepper.
    Although they have a few cows and can do some gardening in things that most country people . There is just a little to much hillbilly/ redneck in them . I’m a outsider so I figure in worse case SHTF situation I’m the first to go. At least as far as the young ones.
    As far as my sisters property and getting there we have a plan to get there . We also have alternate routes planed. My oldest nephew is a prepper he is more into the weapons part . He and I have plans to get my son and my father there we also have several routes mapped out. I am in the middle of getting and planing some type of communications HAM/CB not sure what yet still learning then I need the funding .
    I need to talk to my nephew see what we can come up with. Ranger 4 I agree with you I do get a lot of gear and tools from the same places you do. As the ferro rods go I use cheap ones also . I just want one that is bigger. 6”inch x .5”inch it’s just a personal need . There are a few things that I’m needing and wanting as far as gear . Thing is none of what I’m wanting can be sourced locally. So I’m planing to order the items I’m looking for. Just was hoping that there was I could find the place to order from that had everything that I’m looking for.That way I could just make one decent size order instead of 15 different ones. Then maybe that shop would be the place that I would go to for the special items

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    You are a delightful human being.
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