Presidential Debate Tonight?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by AK Hunter, Sep 29, 2020.

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    I hung out in the garage and worked on CARC submission panels for department of defense. Probly time better spent.

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    I switched over to the "debate" about 10 minutes past the hour. It looked like a free for all so I shut off the TV and went to bed. I figure the news this morning will say Biden was the clear winner - those headlines were written way before the debate even started so I won't even glance at them.

    I am just dumbfounded. Why oh why - when the Republican powers-that-be have a clear advantage - do they just throw it away? Squander the opportunity? I sure hope that is not happening now.

    He still has time, but Trump needs to check his ego at the door. Just tone it down a bit. Biden's brain is obviously an over-cooked noodle but he "prepared" for the debate. Trump's people commented yesterday that Trump did not do anything special to prepare - that his daily press conferences were preparing him very well. But maybe not so much? Overconfidence allowed the turtle to win the race while the rabbit napped.

    I think that maybe Trump is counting on Round 2, like a wrestling match. But it will backfire if Biden doesn't/can't participate in a Round 2.
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    although it will not change the way I vote, I was disappointed in the way the President kept interrupting. not that I blame him for trying to refute the lies and phony numbers Biden was spewing but it still made him look bad. and the B.S. about Trump "supporting white supremist" was just that. B.S.! Biden never renounced the riots or ANTIFA either. I would rather have seen the debate more as a discussion (argument) between the two over the issues instead of a bunch of canned questions with trick answers. let them speak & argue. that when people really say whats on their minds without trained responses.
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    I watched a few minutes, then decided to join my crew down by the pool. Drinking seemed to be a more productive use of my time.

    Biden is an idiot and nothing will change that.
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  5. Huey Rider

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    was a real s#!t show. Looked like all the campaign adds rolled together and done live. very disappointing . Even though the candidates supposedly did not know the questions ahead of time, it seemed bimbo was reading from a script the majority of the time. No winners in my opinion.
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    This morning we still have the same problems and the same options or lack of options we had yesterday. Two, rich and powerful guys who never had a common job or worries over putting food on the table and medical care and opportunities for their kids and for their own retirement or final years.

    Then there is the radical left trend and changes they are pushing which WILL take away many freedoms and protections we enjoy today. Religion is being taken away, then guns, then free speech, then free cops to patrol the neighborhood and come help with a phone call. De-funding means taking them away, duh?

    Then there is the tax thing. Biden refused to even respond when Trump said he had been involved in over 100 tax increases in his 47 years, so that is coming. And fracking, the thing that keeps gasoline prices down, Biden would not agree to not try and shut it down. The difference between $2 gas and $3 gas affects everyone with kids or limited budget, especially if you commute or haul a bunch of kids around to ball games. Or if you buy products which are transported anywhere, and everything you buy has a built in transportation cost. Seems like these are simple concepts that many do not understand until it happens, then they are shocked down at the pump.

    Then people like me are stuck on the military issue. You either have the mental capacity and will to listen and then make a decision, often in hours. Biden wants to appoint a committee to set down and work out the racial and social unrest in the country. Too little too late, Biden does not recognize where it is at today. We elect leaders for presidents not committee chairmen, seems to me.

    Indecision is a decision. That is the best word I can hang on Biden, he cannot make decisions. Not no, but helll no Joe.
  7. Jaison

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    After time to reflect on the debate, it seems like Trump missed an opportunity to prove himself the better man. He played right into the stereotype the left created for him.

    Don't know who Trump was playing to, but it's becoming more apparent he has a dim view of his base. I fear he may have lost more because of that performance than he gained.

    Why does he continually move two steps forward and one step back? That debate was his to lose. He may not have 'lost' it, but, at best, it was a non-event as far as advancing what this nation needs.

    At the end of the day, This ol' mountain boy will vote for Trump, but the heart still remains heavy for the opportunity he squandered.
  8. TXplt

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    I think we have to recognize that these 'debates' have gone more towards the "Jerry Springer" show. They are NOT geared towards actually addressing issues -- and won't be. Then again, we have massive amounts of people who believe ratty cloth masks haphazardly worn and stuffed in whatever for storage form some magical shield against the WuFlu or have value. Or that somehow the planet warms from fossil fuels being burned. Or that a citizen defending himself, or an officer (rightly) shooting a black man who attacks him means people should demonstrate and riot (we all have seen the facts behind all of the shootings so know how they're justified--yet propaganda stokes hatred and resentment over an event which not only had a predictable outcome but had the outcome it SHOULD have had given the circumstances). So they are geared towards the jerry springer crowd who loves watching a train wreck. (FWIW, just because a person talks fancy or has a wall full of degrees doesn't exclude them FROM being a member of the jerry springer crowd; they just favor more high class bulls..t). They are geared NOT towards the critical thinkers (who have their mind made up already) but towards the low information voters who put style over substance and can be swayed through drivel. It's effectively a few hours of free campaign ads.
  9. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    I watched about 5 minutes after coming home from firehouse, just long enough to see what looked to me like a childish , out of control slam fest. Trump wouldn't shut up and Biden spewed total nonsense, just to push Trump there. I went to bed.
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    I thought it odd that Joes response to the violence was the same thing the NBA/NFL/corporate America/etc. is saying.
    there's a narrative that needs to be followed.
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  11. Jack Ryan

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    I hate people shouting and talking over each other like animals on a reality show. Only thing I hate more is smarmy corporate politicians grinning in the face of the people in this country who's work, and sweat puts food in the face of lawyers and bankers. Smug rehearsed propaganda propaganda politicians spew through an entire election knowing they will bend over and kiss "the ring" of their foreign purchasers, China for today.

    It isn't civilized and it sure wasn't pretty but like Mike Tyson said "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." That is where your true self throws the costume off and I'd rather see that BEFORE I vote for someone than AFTER.
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  12. Ten Man

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    I didn't watch it, because I expected pretty much what all you folks have confirmed.

    President Trump spends more time chewing his own shoe leather than he does saying something meaningful, when he is not scripted by his speech writers.

    Maybe he SHOULD have done some preparation for the debate.
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  13. Jaison

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    Not to be crass, but if Trump had simply STFU and let Biden dig his own hole, Trump would have come out of that deb(acle)ate looking like a president instead of a reality show host working at the same level as the dems.

    Maybe my hopes were too high, but any thoughts about this man not needing a brilliant, adult cabinet and advisors went out the window.

    He can be his own sisyphus if he wants, but he [email protected] well better start getting his act together if he wants to lead this nation. My hope is that someone he listens to read him the riot act after that debate. Some grandma should have draped him over her knee.
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    Wooden Spoon Momma.jpg
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    I was not planning on watching it but my son wanted to and turned it on. I myself am not surprised by Trumps actions and behavior. Everyone knows he dont hold back and speaks how he feels. He may be the President but does not have to hide his emotions and do a fake act in public. He has been one of the most publicly bashed Presidents I have seen in my time. When Obama was in office many disliked him or had hatred even for him. Was he bashed to his face in public and on television all day long and everyday. Hell no... I truly believe Trump loves our country and the cares about our strength of our nation. He is getting beaten down more than any President I have ever seen. You heard him bring up about the Clintons, Obama, Biden and others working on destroying him even before he got inaugurated in office. That was all illegal crap too. I myself see a man that has a Frickin enough of the haters in political positions working behind him daily to destroy and discredit whatever he tries to do for this Country. He has had enough and so how in the hell can he come out with a fake smile and stay calm. Some people need to be in his shoes for awhile. Sure it may have been wrong the way he acted but they have pushed him into this behavior. I myself would never see him being a nice guy for what they have been doing to him. He feels like he has no one backing him in D.C. Biden has no worry. He is a puppet with a crowd of support holding him up and pulling the strings for him. The reason Biden lost it was because of every lie he was caught in is what I saw. We are all human and we all have a breaking point. Trump is well done with with the far left nonsense.
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  16. reverendg

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    I dunno, it seemed to me that Biden was just as interrupting as Trump, he just got ignored by Trump, or got a pass from Wallace most of the time.
    Trump got out a lot of truth that would never get aired on national media otherwise. 90% of minds are made up, but if some of that 10% heard those truths and checks them, it can sway the election. The behavior is a wash, the Dems have been pros at it for years, so dropping to their level shouldn’t be a fault.
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    Was it my imagination or did anyone notice Biden touching his right ear a lot?
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    You are sure right about the media not allowing Trumps position on things. They allow him no air time so he had to get it out quick while he can. Otherwise never have a chance
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    I went to bed with plenty of popcorn left.
  20. Rocky7

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    That bears repeating.

    People say Trump is too rude. I say if I was Trump I'd have throat-punched a few smarmy liars long ago. How's that for rude? I say he has a ton of patience and focus...way more than me.
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