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Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by NHmsj, Sep 18, 2010.

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    No one is hunting?
  2. Season isn't in here, plus I like to wait till after the first frost to go squirrel hunting due to warbles. But the 22s are ready.

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    I'll start next month for snowshoes, ptarmigan and grouse.
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    No reason, to hunt moose anymore.
    Just the two of us, left now.
    And we cant eat, a whole moose.
  5. Squirrel season opened today, and so did bow hunting. I'll be sitting in my stand with a bow tonight.
  6. Next Month Im ganna start heading out for small game, atm to occupied with Moose hunting but as soon as the temps start dropping and the bunnies start changint then its bunny hunting time.

    Where you go SwedeSteve? I am thinking about trying out by Jim Creek if I can get my truck back far enuph to be out of the no shooting zone. If not there some places I think Im ganna try out by Burma and possibly up by Hatcher Pass.
  7. Way too freaking hot down here in Arkansas to hunt anything but another cold coke out of the fridge.
  8. haha, it was 34f here yesterday morning and 36f right now at 11:40pm got up to a wopping 55earlier I think. Yes Sir fall is here.
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    Quite Hopeful

    I haven't been the woods since July 20th due to having a Total Knee Replacement on that date. Before the replacement I guessed I'd be out of action for 6 weeks or so. After the replacement I couldn't imagine doing any hunting at all this year the pain and swelling were so bad. Well, since experiencing outpatient therapy for a few weeks, things are coming along rather nicely. So well, in fact, this weekend I was able to take a 1.63mi hike in one of my local hunting areas without much difficulty. Sadly however, at the urging of my wife, I took the hike unarmed. Squirrel season opened here in NH on Sept. 1st and I was bummed having to miss the opener. Heading out into the woods without a firearm was actually a good idea, however. Although I did spend some time looking for squirrel and/or deer, it was better that I didn't have the distraction of trying to put something in my game bag and was able to concentrate on just managing the terrain. I was so encouraged by my walk that day that the next day I wondered about my climbing tree stand. To my delight, I discovered I could actually manage climbing with it. Slowly and deliberately, of course, but I was able to get up a tree out back the house and settle in just as if I was deer hunting.

    Yep! Things look quite hopeful for this Fall. The next time I head out into the woods I'll be carrying some heat for our little bushy-tailed friends. And in October, I suspect I'll be up in my tree stand with bow in hand looking to whack some unsuspecting buck (or doe, whichever the case may be.) What a difference PT can make. It has pretty much saved my hunting season - something I thought I had lost for this year. :)

    I hope I can post some squirrelly photos before too much longer.

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    NHmsj:Really proud you got out and are doing better.I am sure I speak for everyone on here when I wish you continued improvement.Hang in there,it only gets better.
  12. Glad to hear your knee is doing much better NH! Hope you can get in there and hunt some tree rats soon!
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    Thanks for the good words, you guys. You were kind to post what you did. :)

  14. Everyone is too busy worrying about their bow or deer hunting to even pay attention to small game anymore. Maybe deer season needs shortened a little bit, especially bow season. It can't take a month to get a few deer if you're in the right spot. And they're not as smart as you think. I had one walk up to 15 ft away while I was standing and looking for squirrels, and I saw one when me and my buddy were walking and talking in a normal voice while squirrel hunting, and we sat down and watched it for a few minutes, and he shot at a squirrel. It didn't leave until he got up and went after the squirrel. I have too much time on my hands, and he doesn't want to squirrel hunt at all during deer season. People need to get out of their big game phase and go back to their childhood memories of hunting squirrels and rabbits. They'll have plenty of action and not be bored and cold sitting in a treestand all the time.

  15. They problubly knew you werent huniting them thats why they walked up 15 feet away from you :p
  16. How would they know? I had a gun.:lmao:
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    Still to hot and seasons not open yet.
  18. They can read your mind! Dont you know those pesky critters are psychic!?!