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(Price check) Garand accesories

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I'm planning on going to the crossroads gun show here in Phoenix this weekend, i was wondering what the going price is on a couple of things i need,
first, the combo tool, with the chamber brush.
second, the jig(for lack of a better word/term) for putting the bolt back together.
third, enbloc clips.
that's all i can think of that i need, if anyone has any suggestions as to other items i might need for my rifle, i'd arpeciate it, as this is my first garand.
thanks for any/all help,
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8mm Vigilante, Love your Logo!!! Just go buy the stuff for crying out loud! Support your local vendor, they'll cut ya some slack next time. Found the combo tool in Smokey Mountain Knife Works new in wrap for $3.00 bought several. Shows rape ya at $15 -$19 for the same thing. Keep searching. Brownell's has the other
M-1 thing-a-ma-jig u talked about. Wouldn't you love to see Mr. Rogers do a firearm safety demonstration on PBS "for the children".
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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