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(Price check) Garand accesories

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I'm planning on going to the crossroads gun show here in Phoenix this weekend, i was wondering what the going price is on a couple of things i need,
first, the combo tool, with the chamber brush.
second, the jig(for lack of a better word/term) for putting the bolt back together.
third, enbloc clips.
that's all i can think of that i need, if anyone has any suggestions as to other items i might need for my rifle, i'd arpeciate it, as this is my first garand.
thanks for any/all help,
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If you look into Shotgun News you can find various peopls selling Garand accesories. I just threw out my last issue, there is a guy in there selling stuff at a very fair price. If i find out I'll post again.

Dean R.

Futon Armory is a big ripoff. They are very over priced for everythinf that they sell. If you guys want a place to go for M-! supplies go to call Bill Ricca @ (610)2982748 or go to . His prices are very very reasonable, i.e. 100 clips for $63.00.

Hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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