price of copper going up

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    Just saw on Fox News that copper reached a 2yr high.Better stock up if possible.
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    Coppers make good money already....LOL

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    Not around here they don't! (IMO)
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    Tell me about it, the price of wire is going through the roof.
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    I like them anyway,(most) and think they deserve the money.That big ol' mean Mooseman!
  6. Now I wish Ham would go up! lol

    It is selling today at $3.63 per pound...
  7. The Lone Ranger made his bullets out of pure silver. Maybe he had the right idea. Of course, he and Tonto owned a secret silver mine.
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    Must have worked. never saw a werewolf in any of thier shows!!
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    Silver bullets differ from lead bullets in several respects. Lead has a much higher density than silver so a silver bullet will have less mass than a lead bullet of identical dimensions. The lower mass means that the silver bullet will be accelerated to a higher velocity but with essentially the same kinetic energy since kinetic energy is one-half mass times the square of velocity. The kinetic energy of a silver bullet may be somewhat lower if the faster-moving bullet leaves the barrel before the powder charge has been completely consumed.

    Pure silver is more malleable than lead and falls between lead and copper in terms of hardness (2.5 Mohs) and shear modulus (30 GPa). As a result, a silver bullet would have no difficulty accepting the rifling of a gun barrel as both lead and copper are common bullet materials.

    In flight, the silver bullet, like all light bullets, will be more prone to perturbance due to wind and other disturbances in the air. Due to its higher velocity, the bullet will not drop as far as a slower, lead bullet at the same distance. This flatter trajectory could be an advantage for certain types of shooting. The higher velocity of the silver bullet also means that it is proportionally more affected by drag and will lose kinetic energy at a greater rate.

    The terminal impact is somewhat speculative and will depend on a variety of factors including bullet size and shape, flight distance, and target material. At short ranges, the silver bullet will most likely give better penetration due to its higher shear modulus and velocity, but will not deform as much as the softer lead bullet. The lower deformation may be compensated for by higher hydrostatic shock effects. At longer distances, the velocity and kinetic energy of the silver bullet will have fallen due to the drag effects discussed above and will likely be inferior to standard lead or copper-jacketed bullets.

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    Didn't Mythbusters do a thing on silver bullets once? I believe they found lead to be much superior.
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    Don't tell me Coppernix is getting more valuable! Well, he has gotten a nice winchester '73. Precious metal...
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    I stand firmly behind whatever the heck Sam said !!
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    ^I tried to get MB,s on here but it was wierd.Maybe someone else can get it right.I didn't write that article.I question whether a lighter bullet would penetrate deeper even at slightly higher velocities.Mythbusters shows it didn't but I think they were using the same powder charge.You would have to use same CUP to get higher velocity.
  14. I found the little "article" about silver bullets very interesting, and the moreso since it was signed Samuel but he claims he did not write it.

    I was under the impression that silver would not easily cast up into bullets -- or work effectively as bullets -- because it has a higher melting point than lead and is harder than lead.

    This was just an impression I had. If the article signed Samuel is correct, I'm wrong on the hardness problem.

    Some of the claims in the Samuel article are pretty far fetched, it seems to me. Like about higher velocity and greater penetration and incomplete burning of powder -- all with silver bullets. Maybe someone's having some fun with us.

    For example, he says that silver is soft and will form itself to the rifling just as effectively as lead -- but then a while later he says that when hitting the target the silver will not deform nearly so much as lead because it is harder.

    Now if silver is soft enough to upset and seal to the rifling, BUT suddenly when it hits the target it is too hard to deform -- a likely story indeed.

    I think someone is trying to have some fun with us here. We don't like nobody funnin' with us, right boys? Go for your hoglegs!

    As Clint Eastwood said in "A Fistful of Dollars," -- "My mule don't like no laffin'." Followed by "blam" "blam" "blam" "blam."
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    So, are you saying it's going to cost me more to bribe the Chicago police out of traffic tickets, now?
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    GD:I do sugest you send your scope in for repair.I believe the paralax is out of whak.
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    Either that or I just need to slow down some.
  19. China is buying up all they can get. Hope they are making wire with it.
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    Back in those days.
    They had REALLY cheap, Mexican labor! :biglaugh: