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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JDW, Mar 15, 2002.

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    Just wondering - I have a Yugo SKS on lay-a-way for 199 it is in good shape with good bore. I don't have a C & R yet but could get someone to get me one online for 159 + shipping H etc. I've not gotten one sight unseen yet. Are you better off paying the extra 40 and getting one you have looked over. Have heard some horror stories about the Yugo's - your opinion.
  2. Calvin

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    Whatever you feel better with. If you are happy with the one in layaway, and it meets your standards, don't go for something sight unseen. $40 could be the difference between a keeper and a wallhanger. JMHO:)

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    Sounds about right

    I got a C&R and I enjoy the price break..yep it is kinda strange ordering a firearm you aint seen before....I tned to only deal with companies that have done me right...The C&R price is around $150 figure 160 - 170.... The local gun store has to eat and pay his bills so yep he makes a little...actualy sounds like your local store has good prices. Getting a chance to look over it and knowing that your local dealer will help you out if it turns out to be a lemon is defitly worth thefew extra $$.
    In my area Ive been seeing Mosan Nagants go for $150 and yougos for $300 wich to be is an outrageus mark up.:cool:
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    My Yugo was in very good shape. I paid $129 (real dollars, not Canadian) for it. Of course, I took the pick of the litter at my local gun store.I have seen some pretty bad ones allegedly in "Good" or "Very Good" condition with badly corroded bores, cracked stocks, broken safetys, etc. I really would recommend looking at the gun first.
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    Bought Rommy SKS from SOG, one of the 59/66... Was new and very nice. BUT, this model has cycling problems. BAD cycling problems. Havent solved it yet after MANY experiments. Save your money for an AK. OK
  6. Dennis

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    Check the Gas port. the ones with the grenade launcher/cutoff valve have been known to develope leaks, wich results in poor cycling.
    My understanding is it is an easy fix.
    get a airhose, load an empty case in the chamber, remove gas tube/piston, soap up the gas block area(I use regular dish soap)
    Apply thumb over hole (where piston is) and apply slight air pressure to muzzel and watch for where the soapbubbles come out Thats where your leak is.
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    sks cycle

    THANKS, Dennis! Will do asap! I love the little rascal and any successful fix will be GREATLY appreciated. For those contemplating an SKS buy, if you can fix this little cycling problem, it indeed is a great little gun. Pretty accurate, cheap to shoot and easy on the shoulder. If you are a C&R, you can get a NEW one from Southern Ohio Gun ( for $171.00 delivered by the BBT ( big brown truck) to your door. NEW! They call it "hand pick" and it costs $10 extra (in the $171) , not guarenteed, but most often NEW!

    I get a good chuckle about the potential of all those Commie recruits going up against M-16's and L1A1's only to find that they get ONE SHOT! Short war, huh!:)
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    yesterday i purchased a yugo m-59 for 189.00. from dunham sporting goods a chain from new york to iowa. they had two instock. the salesperson took one from the display case to show and i was shocked at how new it looked. the bayonet was so shiny you could use it as a mirror. i inspected it and found the safety lever broken and a long gouge in the rifling and a couple of chunks missing out of the recoil pad. he went in the back and got the second one, he opened up the box and viola again i was taken aback at the newness of it. this one had none of the above problems and it is now mine. the same number stamped on the receiver was burned into the stock. someone carved their initials in the stock. obviously to identify it as his, maybe this is why it is in such good shape someone cared about it. i would recommend dunhams to anyone, you can look at everything first . you might be able to save a few bucks elsewhere but then again i do not have a federal firearms license. plus they had a lot of stuff they do not advertise, such as a garrand, british enfield, styer,czech mausers etc.
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    hmmmm, I bought mine for a mere $99.00. New,unissued, with cleaning kit, bayonet,etc.
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    I bought mine for about $140, but it is a 59/66. Most of the yugo SKSs I have seen had "grafitti" on the stocks, apparantly made with dull knives. $99 sounds like a great deal.
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    I am a manager at a Wisconsin Dunham's, and I bought my Yugo sks in the summer of 2006, when this gun was cheap and plentiful at our stores. I bought my 1969 Yugo for 99.99 on sale, and it is in better shape than most of the "Collectors" or "unissued" grades. The guy carved his name on mine, which I thought makes it more sentimental to me, to know the name of the guy that relied on this gun in Yugoslavia. My uncle can speak and read russian, and has told me that the guy's name was Nickoli, or however you spell it. After last fall, the SKS disapeared from our stores, and it is not until recently that we started getting "unissued" Yugos from a different importer. They are going for much more that the service grade ones and collectors grades did last summer. But these rifles just went on sale for $199.99 the other week, and some guy just bought both of them that we had. They were in great shape with perfect bores, and great stocks. The only thing I did not like was that the blueing on the metal was not good, and my service grade sks has better metal blue than these do.
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    I bough a yugo from big sky gun show a while back for 129.00 It is in excellent con.nice grain on is marked mod.59/56 7.62x59 never heard of 59 can anyone tell me whats up with that?I also bought a 30 rd. clip for it and when I shoot it ,it ejects the shell but the bolt doesn't lock in you have to bump the bolt handle to get it to close to be able to shoot.Can anyone help me with this?
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    New York
    Moedog, you're probably misreading the "59." In all probability it's a "39." As far as I know (though plenty of people here on the forum know much more) the SKS was never chambered for anything but the standard 7.62 x 39mm ComBloc rifle cartridge.

    As for it not cycling properly, the first thing I'd do would be to field-strip it and give it a really good cleaning, paying special attention to the bolt and the chamber. If it continues to act up after that, you may want to consider replacing the springs.

    There could be trouble with the gas cylinder, but cleaning the piece ought to take care of any trouble there; like solidified cosmoline that's where it shouldn't be, or accumulated gunk from lots of shooting. But I'm not a master SKS mechanic, so I'll leave the diagnosing of gas cylinder issues to those with much more experience with the SKS than I have. Check what Dennis has to say farther up the thread. He sounds like he's dealt with leaky gas cylinder problems before.
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