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Priest Talk

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 4, 2002.

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    Priest Talk

    In an ancient monastery in a faraway place, a new monk arrived to
    join his brothers in copying books and scrolls in the monastery's
    scriptorium. He was assigned as a rubricator on copies of books
    that had already been copied by hand. One day he, asked Father
    Florian (the Armarius of the Scriptorium), "Does not the copying
    by hand of other copies allow for chances of error? How do we know
    we are not copying the mistakes of someone else? Are they ever
    checked against the original?" Fr. Florian is set back a bit by
    the obvious logical observation of this youthful monk. "A very
    good point, my son. I will take one of the latest books down to
    the vault and compare it against the original."

    Fr. Florian went down to the secured vault and began his
    verification. After a day had passed, the monks began to worry and
    went down looking for the old priest. They were sure something
    must have happened. As they approached the vault, they heard
    sobbing and crying. When they opened the door, they found Fr.
    Florian sobbing over the new copy and the original ancient book,
    both of which opened before him on the table. It was obvious to
    all that the poor man had been crying his old heart out for a long

    "What is the problem, Reverend Father?" asked one of the monks.
    "Oh, my Lord," sobbed the priest, "the word is 'celebrate'!"