Pro-Gun Democrats?

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  1. Do these actually exist or have the Liberals killed them off into extinction? I actually did some looking and quite honestly, I am not finding any. Does anyone know of any?
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  2. TXplt

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    Bill Richardson is the only one who immediately comes to mind.

  3. Windwalker

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    Larry O, I am a pro-gun conservative Democrat. I am lonely here because I may be the only one left.
  4. Extremism

    For many decades the Democrat party has been in the control
    of liberal elitists/extremists. This is an important point in the growth of the Republican party in the years after Lyndon Johnson.

    If you want to move up in the Democrat party or have the support of
    the Democrat party you must establish your credentials as a
    very liberal/elitist. That is a simply fact of life.

    There really are no important moderates or advocates for the middle class in the Democrat party. They just cannot have an impact.
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    My dad! lol. He is not extremely liberal but he does hold public office as D and he enjoys hunting and shooting.
  6. Are there any actual politicians (who are Democrats) that are pro-gun? I've heard Howard Dean is ... but for him to do so, would risk losing money from the Liberal Left...

    Are there any politicians (who are Democrats) who will support the 2nd Amendment?

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    A few southern Dems support the 2nd, but thats almost a have to in some areas bueven those are getting fewer.
  8. Skibum

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    The problem is that most so-called pro-gun Democrats are legislators from swing or conservative districts. An example is Jim Webb. He may never vote against guns or for gun control per se, but his most important vote is the vote to decide the Senate majority, and with it committee and agenda control. Anti-gun amendments can be attached to all sorts of legislation if the party in control favors them. At that point all the legislators have to vote in favor of the proposal or risk being accused of opposing the headline issue. An extreme example would be aid to hurricane victims. If an anti-gun provision were a rider to hurricane relief aid, then anyone voting against the bille would be branded as heartless and uncaring, so the anti gun measure carries along with the bill. Lots of us laughed at John Kerry saying that first he voted for something, then against it and then for it, but he may have been the victim of legislative shenanigans like the one I described, which could easily be used to foist more gun control upon us if we elect "pro-gun" democrats. OTOH, the patriot act did not do any favors to us on gun rights, and that was a republican piece of work.
  9. Harry Reid can generally be considered 'pro-gun,' or at least he's not anti-gun. That's reasonable, since he's from Nevada. The only thing he supports that would raise hackles is requiring background checks on guns sold by private individuals at gun shows.
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    New York
    SkiBum, that's exactly how the Lautenberg Amendment was slipped into law during the Slick Willy administration. There is long precedent going clear back into English common law concerning felons and weaponry restrictions, but Lautenberg's otherwise unpassable proposal was put through as a rider on an appropriations bill.

    I think we need a law or perhaps a Constitutional Amendment that makes riders on bills illegal. It's a great way for dangerous/unpopular legislation to become law, because as you said the legislators don't want to be pilloried for voting against the host bill just because the rider is attached.
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    I don't know if I buy Harry as being "pro gun." I do know that Bill Richardson is pro gun, and was a decent Congressman while I was stationed at Cannon. I wish we had him running (despite his uneducated comments about Iraq) in lieu of those the dems decided to choose. IMHO, ALL gun sales should be private. Nevada IS shall issue, and had recently gone recip with FL.

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    I'd vote for him in a heartbeat...unfortunately he gets shunned by his party for his progun stance...he should switch sides.
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    The main point I was trying to make is that the only really important vote is the vote to organize the chamber, and from then on in, all the other votes can be posturing, while the party agenda advances.
  14. When I lived in Vermont Governor Dean never messed with the most liberal gun laws in the USA, no permit needed for open or concealed carry; however he did allow the civil unions of same sex couples....