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  1. Hey guys,

    I just got a mosin nagant 91/30 made in 1943 a few days ago. I got it for $90 and it had a stock that was in superb condition without any scratches and looked to be factory refinished to a "golden" look. I took it to the range today and took a shot at a target from 200 yards. The bullet hit about 3 feet to the right of where I was aiming and about a foot high. I decided to shoot a few more rounds at the target and they were all over the place, sometimes hitting within a few inches and sometimes within a few feet. I figured that it was just shooter error so I pulled out my m44 to check. I was able to hold a 3 inch group for a few shots. I figured that it couldn't be human error. Here is the big problem. when the factory refinished it, they didn't bore the hole out. This is how I would rather have one, but, when I cleaned it before I took it to the range, I noticed that it wasn't rifled for the last 7 inches of the barrel. I think this is because it wore out. I also found some rust that was in this 7 inches that was mostly removable. so here are my questions. Should I take it back and get a refund? How much would it be to get it rifled again and is it even worth it? I have till Tuesday to get a full refund back.

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    You would have had yourself a good deal if it was a better rifle! I'd take it back in a heartbeat!

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    Sounds like it has a pretty extreme counterbore. Most aren't over an inch or two. I'd look at all of the other normal issues, ie: loose action screws, severe pressure points in the barrel channel, etc.
    If you don't find any problems, I'd try to return it or look into turning it into a sporter, rebarrel it, etc...
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    I can't believe some of the accuracy you guys get. Heck I'd be satisfied with a 3" group at 75 yards let alone 200 yards.
  5. A 7 inch counterbore means your barrel is worn out. You will never get decent acuracy with that barrel as is. You could cut it down to the lands again and make a sporter out of it. Cut the barrel off that is. You could have it rebarreled. But for the price of Mosins now I would take it back and find another.
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    +1 a 7 inch counter bore is un acceptable and I doubt it was done at the factory as the Russians never to my knowlege ever counter bored deeper than 1 1/2 inches ( correct me if I am wrong ) , at least that is what I understand from my research.. Take it back :sad2:
    the russians would have re barreled it
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    I agree...A 7 inch counterbore is CRAP...:bigeyes:
    Take it back and exchange it !
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    YEAH NO S#!T !!!!
    i have never seen a mosin that can do that.
    admittedly i have only fired about a dozen of them.
    i dont get those groups with a benchrested ,pristine bore m-44
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    Just think what that rifle could do if it wasn't a piece of crap, LOL!
  11. It was his M44 he did the 3" @ 75 yards with, not the piece of crap. Most of the Mosins I own can do at least that, especially bench shooting; we're only talking 4 MOA.

    And I don't think he meant the barrel was counter bored seven inches; he said the rifling was "gone."

    Cremley, if the rifling is really worn and gone instead of just being buried in cosmoline and crud, take it back in a heartbeat.

  12. I read that as his M44 doing 3" group at 200 yards which is pretty **** good.
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    I'd say so too! While I've only fired my PU at 200, 3" groups are rare, I'd say.
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    My M44 can do it with iron sights at 50 yards, but beyond that, it's my eyes, not the rifle. I would need a scope. But definitely take the rifle back. Seven inches is totally unacceptable.
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    ^ Agreed! Many women would also agree...
  16. Okay, very strange. I'd have sworn I read he did it at 75 yards. Maybe I shouldn't try reading for content until after my second cup of coffee.:sad2:

    All of you are right, of course. Three-inch groups at two hundred yards is more than acceptable.
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    It is for these tired old eyes!
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    A friend of mine had am M91/30 with no rifleing in the last 4" of the bore. He had the last 5" cut away by a gunsmith,but it realy didn't help much. It was just an old worn out rifle

    I would take it back.

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    LOL! ROFL! and spit diet coke all over the room!!!! Swede there is never any way to tell what kind of silliness is gonna come out of your mouth/keyboard!:hitwithrock::09:
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    Tex- I never know either, LOL.