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Problem Garand, Clip no Eject after Cleaning

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My CMP M1, a Springfield all correct April 1944, was just disassembled by me after a range session. I do not plan to shoot it for a while that is why I took it down to clean it completely.

The problem is that once I got it back together...the en bloc clips WILL NOT snap into place all the time. When they do get in with a full load of 8 dummy rounds and snap in, then cycled 8 times, once the last round gets ejected, the clip just goes "Cling" and jumps about 1/4 inch and remains inside the receiver.

However when I load an empty clip in close the bolt and then rack the operating rod the clip will eject completely out tof the receiver.

What could this be??? The main thing is that why would the clip only snap in some of the time..otherwise the clip will not lock in place in the reciever. Then the above other problems take place.

Could I have damaged the ejector spring during re-sassembly???



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Well my first question.
1. This problem wasent present at the range and the weapon functioned properly?
2. Have you tried using a different clip for your function check? I have some new clips that just dont seem to want to work as well as others.
3. Have you dissasembled the weapon to make sure you assembled it correctly?Having bullet guide /op rod catch assembly and accelerator in correctly.
4. And are you functioning the bolt thru its full range of motion/function and not short stroking during your function check?
5.TM 9-1005-222-12 says on trouble shooting on failure to eject clip. Check for broken or deformed latch spring and to replace latch spring. But if this is the first time this has happened I would look at the reassembly before condeming parts. This is a hearty weapon system, and was made to be handled by ham handed soldiers that have never had a weapon in their hands before and are receiving the first weapons training ever in a steep learning curve. And nobody can screw up a weapon like a trainee. Joe can do some amazing things to a weapon, it will make your head spin just trying to figure out what they did and what the hell they were thinking at the time, then and now. So check over your assembly and if you find your mistake correct it and chalk it up to expeariance. Most of us have done it too, at one point or another. And dont worry if you damaged anything when you assembled it incorrectly, unless you beat it together with a hammer, you dident... Plus remember your arm wont move or react as forcefully as exploding powder so nomatter what you might not get the clip to fly out as far and hard as it does under fire. Hope this helps, and see you at the range.
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I will reassemble the rifle as you suggest paying close attention to bullet guide area.

Yes it functioned fine at the range just proir to the cleaning and disassembly. It is probably my error since I am new to M1 cleaning and take-apart procedure. I agree with you that I could not have broken the ejector spring since I did not force any part.

I will have a go at it later today.


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Well young man,welcome to the wonderful world of the "Garand." Doc could'nt have said it any better.But keep in mind,Books.I would highly suggest this book...The U.S. .30 Caliber Gas Operated Service Rifles. A shop manual volumes I&II. It is about the M1 and M14.It is written by,Jerry Kuhnhausen.Check it out at
Ciao, maybe you placed the bullet guide in the opposit side ?
Ciao Ric.
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