Mossberg problem with 500 action

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by Cynikal, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I have a 500 that worked fine then all the sudden(with out it being fired),
    the action went south.
    With no ammo in magazine, I can repeatedly ratchet pump with out holding in
    the action lock lever.
    Does anyone know were to start looking for the problem?
    I hate to just start tearing in without a idea of what I am looking for.
  2. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Put numrich on your search.go to mossberg.Go to shotguns.Go to 500.Look at the schematic.In the trigger deal there is an "action lock" and action lock spring.Very simple to take apart.The trouble is I don't have your gun so I dont know exactly which one you need. The lock is somewhere around #57 and the spring is near #62.Once you have figured what you want numrich has it.To get your trigger assembly out push the pin at the bottom,back out and pull the triggerassembly down.You should be able to see whether it is a spring or something else.May just be dirt/crud holding the lock up.

  3. Thanks samual,when I went to check the trigger housing, I noticed that the front off the housing had slid down a little. I pushed it up and all is fine.
    This gun has a little set screw on each side of the housing(on front), I tightened them and now it is secure.

    I have 4 other 500's and none of them have this screw. It is a model 500AB.
    The others are 500A or 500AT.

    Never realized there were differences.

    While we are at this.........................

    The 500A does not load on every pump, skips on an irregular basis.
    Can you lead me in the right direction again?
  4. samuel

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    Sure can,there are two parts called "cartridge stop" and "cartridge interuptor assembly that fit back in grooves and are held in when the rest of the action is assembled.I always just put both in new but Mooseman says the left one is the culprit.If you have the schematic from numrich they are on pages 9 and 10.I emagine Moose is right because what happens is the shell is prevented from releasing.They get worn or bent.Possibly by bending very carefully you might fix it but I never had much luck that way and they really aren't that expensive.They can be shipped USPS and save a little.That must be a home fix on yours as the trigger assembly has a little bit/piece on the front that slides up in a notch and the rest pushes up to line up with the pin.If it works and aparently it must,I would get blue locktite and use it when reassembling.Blue locktite can be taken apart fairly easy but will hold.The trigger housing is pretty salty so if the screws work use them.Possibly a person could dimple the housing (should be marks where the screws hit the housing,take a drill and just barely indent where the screws go.)and make virtually a permanent fix.