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    Today me and my dad were cleaning out the m1. We had stripped it into three groups and were preparing to reassemble it when my dad pulled back the op. rod. As he released the bolt it stopped about 1/4 short. We quickly reassembled it and got it to fully release with no problem. Just to make sure we inserted a clip and it ejected the cartridges ok. Here is the question: Will my gun blow up in my face next time i go to the range?

    Hey Stockdoc let me know how i can get in contact with you!
  2. You should not have any problems as long as you put it back together correctly. When you cleaned it did you grease her up?

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    This was only the second time I have cleaned my rifle. It still had a pretty visable layer of grease on it because i have only put 32 rounds through it.

    Another problem I've been having is the last round of the clip seems to get caught and bent in the process of being loaded causing the bolt to not close and making it impossible to fire the weapon. Whats going on and how can i fix it?
  4. Fly boy, go to "members" click "S" and find SD. His E mail address is there..
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    I PM'd [private mesage] yah Rick B
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    An M1 will be the last rifle to "blow up in your face"

    It is very forgiving :)

    Next time before you pull the bolt back and attach the op-rod make sure the bolt moves freely in its channels. The Op-rod or spring might have hung up.