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Okay I don't know if any of the old crew remembers but last Spring I ended up with a .45ACP Springfield Range Officer in a trade I initially wasn't too keen on until I test fired the thing.
Then after a few minor changes it was back into the safe to languish. Well I can't stand safe queens with a few rare exceptions. And I kicked around the idea of trading it off.
Until I decided to firm up plans to move further out away from well...."city folk" to be nice.

So I needed something that was accurate reliable and could blow a decent hole through a sasquatch pilfering through my jalepeno pepper patch.😁

Hence Project Velociraptor Bringing new usefulness and deadlines to an old dinosaur.

The goal is to have a pistol upgraded to safely fire .45SCP +P 230gr JHP and either .45Super or .460Rowland.

So far I've done the following changes:
EGW Flat Bottom Firing Pin Stop
Wilson 25lb Mainspring
Wolff 20lb variable power recoil spring
That helped with felt recoil and kept the brass from being ejected and tossed into next week.
Before the parts and spring upgrades my brass was sailing up smacking the ceiling of the firing line's roof and bouncing right across to consistently smack the trash can at end of the firing line about 40 or so feet.
View attachment 175921
The above photo showes the approx. distance the brass is being ejected currently.

Earlier I had replaced the safety lock Mainspring Housing with one the was flat, checkered and with a recessed lanyard loop.

Grips I'm on my 2nd replacement grips as while the old Magpul ones were functional the FDE color looked like coyote....poop. So I went searching and found these G-10 Green/Black on flea Bay marketed at the time from Coolhand Grips. Now virtual identical ones are being sold there by Guuun Grips.🙄

I also bead blasted the barrel hood area and the barrel bushing. No shine for field use

The front sight I replaced with a Dawson Precision 0.180 high Tritium front.

The rear sight: I've pondered replacing it with a fixed Heine rear sight with a single dot for durability.
But I want to give the Bomar clone by LPA a chance first. So I just rounded the corners of the rear sight leaf.3

The load the pistol likes so far is a Hornady XTP 230gr JHP averaging 950fps. And performance is average 2" at 25yds from a rest.

So that's it for now until I can get some .45 Super brass and data for reloading.

View attachment 175920

Don't know when I'll be able to progress when Part 2 and the .45Super will occur. But it'll happen when it happens.

What's the difference between .45 acp and Super brass?
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