Proof our goverment has lost touch with reality!

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by killsnapz, Aug 19, 2010.

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    You cant Lie to Congress, Only Congress is allowed to lie. everyone knows that!

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    They should worry more about the illegals instead of the actual citizens. Who cares if he did steroids. Did most everybody then?
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    New York
    Folks, have you stopped to think that maybe what the Congress is trying to do is use political sleight of hand so we aren't looking at serious issues they want to slip past us unnoticed? I suspect that at this point even diehard Yankees and Red Sox fans don't care if Clemens used steroids!
  5. Yeah, cuz congress has nothing better to do than to investigate something that every other American already knew.

    And whats the deal with Obama's vacations? Isn't this the same media that blew up and ridiculed and insulted Bush for playing a game of golf while there was a war going on??????????????????? Obama has taken SIX vacations this year alone. The most vacationing president in American history and nobody has anything to say about it.

    I've come to the conclusion that Obama has no intention of serving two terms. He is content with doing what damage he can in this one term then will become the new Carter, harassing everyone who serves after him.
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    Yup! The ole "Wag the dog" ploy!
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    My thoughts exactly,tail waggin' the dog,and it always seems to work too.
    Or perhaps the feedback from the unbelievers goes unheard.
    In any event,it's the SOS!
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    Prosecute Roger Clemens; give the New Black Panthers a pass. Uh-huh, you betcha.
    Wait, didn't a Judge in Colorado and an Appeals Court in California just declare that lying about yourself is protected under the First Amendment?
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    The most Vacationed president was none other than our beloved George W. Bush who made 77 trips to and spent all or part of 490 days at his Ranch. Those are the most consistent numbers I could find. I personally dont care if these guys are on "Vacation" cause I mean its not like they actually walk away from there Presidential duties for the entire amount of accredited "Vacation Time". Oh and those figures include only the days he spent at or goin to his ranch and none of his other "Vacation" time............................And really Clemens.....Steroids........WTH.......This is what our GOVT has resorted to........Not fixing the recession or Investigating the oil spill oh no heaven forbid we actually clean up bp's mess and prosecute someone. WOW Im honestly in SHOCK AND AWE lol get it!
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    Yes BunnyWabbit most player of that ere did but they are only going after the ones that broke records mostly.

    I am glad to see by the other posts that I am not the only one who thinks it is just crazy to be spending time and money prosecuting a baseball player when our country is falling apart.

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    did Clemens lie to congress ???? depends on there definition of use .
  12. Alan Duke

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    Exactly what I'm thinking.
  13. Always plead the fifth with those vipers. They also lost all our money, jobs, industry, and the hearts and minds of the sensible people in this country. Now it's time to lose them.
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    I do clearly remember, someone saying:
    "I did not have sexual relations, with that women"
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    Mabye I am wrong but my outlook on lying to an official are this. If you are lying to them about where you stuck you pogo stick I could care less. That is your spouses problem. If Rodger lied about taking steroids then that is a problem that exist between him and MLB. He signed a contract with them promising not to cheat. Yes these are illegal substances but if he is not caught with these illegal drugs in his possesion then where is the criminal case? It is a crime to lie to congress? Is it a crime to con a con man? Congressman to me is not an accurate description of who they are. Hypocrites is a more accurate description for them. They lie cheat and steal their way into power and then rob the people blind then want to put a man on the hot seat because he decided to inject himself with a drug to amp up his game a bit? Sorry but if you want to cast dispertions you yourself should not be just as dirty or dirtier than the person you are putting on trial. I doubt there is a single person in congress that is even half the man that Roger Clemens is.

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    What a waste of time and money, our taxpayer money of course.Obama would be a tremendous joke if what he was doing wasn't so serious.He has already done more damage to our Country and our Constitution than all our past enemies combined. Vote out all his incumbent supporters in 2010 and Obama himself along with the rest of his incumbent supporters in 2012 unless we get enough supporters of the Constitution elected in 2010 who will impeach him.
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    Who cares about baseball? I fully agree that they are using this type of thing to distract the public so they can slip crap by us.
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