Prop 19 Would Mean Pot-Smoking at Work

Discussion in 'Marlin' started by grizcty, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. grizcty

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    This is another INSANE, California Proposition!

    For those of us who smoke LEGAL Cigarettes.
    We have been discriminated, criminalized, and victimized.

    Yet folks who smoke a ILLEGAL product.
    What to be able to smoke it at work!

    Doobie Smoke Breaks? | NBC Bay Area
  2. im all for the legalization of pot honestly, but thats just assbackwards

    i mean, your right about cigs being criminalized to the point of retardation, im just tired of the government having their hands in everything a private citizen would want to do

  3. Marijuana should be legal there is no doubt about that. Every study done about it points to legalization. But this is idiotic if your not going to allow people to skoke cigs then marijuana needs to be disallowed to.
  4. shop tom

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    Doobie break? Why not, as long as there is also a beer break and a shot break and a Manhattan break.............

    Why not a conjugal break, maybe a nap break, wash my car break.

    ANYTHING but an honest day's work.........

  5. Cannabis has some studies indicating that it not only inhibit cancer growths, but it also inhibits the blood vessels to tumors. Which could be rumors, but nobody ever has died from taking it, which is better than some prescription drugs that are making it. My brother in law takes pills made of it for his terminal cancer. We noticed and immediate better attitude in the latitude on the phone of his response on the phone. Positive outlook. He served as a sailor by the way on a hospital ship. Ex- parks and wildlife, Kudos Hector. Thanks for serving Sir.
    But in a machine shop, or hospital, or operating a crane, or trading your stocks, or doing brain or heart surgery? To be professional, you have to be straight. That's for after hours, for God's sake.
  6. Well,

    this should be something for those who operate machinery or leave the place of work driving delivery trucks.

    Sometimes, other than the death of those few with common sense and a belief in traditional American values, I think it would be good for California to slide into the ocean.
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  8. petrol

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    I didn't read the article yet, but I'll throw in anyway. I don't smoke pot (anymore,) this tuff now is way too strong. but I see a loop hole, I'll make a 99.9% tobacco joint and get to smoke at work. (the 0.1% pot would probably still knock my on my a$$)
  9. petrol

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    ok, I read it. it seems employers will still be able to decide their own policy. I don't carre if my waiter grabs a puff before the shift as long as my order is right. I don't want the school bus driver blazing up at traffic lights though. it seems odd though. beer's legal and there are no mandated beer breaks, ( some places I go, there's a beer on the counter, some there isn't).

    Hey Grizcty, we both smoke too. HAHA,
    don't worry, I don't walk on the beaches in la. Too much chance of stepping on a dirty needle.
  10. big shrek

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    Great, even more stupid people on the roads...

    Here's the basic problem with legalizing any drug....but especially weed.
    People have a tendancy to completely overdo's what over-imbibement leads to...
    Destruction of brain cells...(personally, I can't afford any loss ;) )
    Decrease in motor skills...
    You loose the ability to determine the speed of things travelling around you...leads to a LOT more crashes...
    (I've got a lot of experience with this as a long-time FF, stoned silly drivers are just as dangerous as drunks)
    Stoner crashes have increased greatly in the last 15 years...Firefighters have DEFINITELY noticed.
    FHP just treats it as if they were drunk, without making any differentation in the forms, DUI/DWI either way.

    Worst part, even if you don't smoke weed, you gotta put up with @$$#oles smoking it around you.
    Finally got most cigarette smokers outta my hair, now I gotta deal with POT?
    I'm liable to go ballistic...especially as I'm allergic to weed in the first place.
    My high school hated it when I'd break out in hives, mostly because it meant their
    Star Center was about to pound some poor bastich's head in. With Extreme Predjudice.
    I haven't gotten any nicer about it in my old age, either.
  11. Dragunov

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    Pot is the equivalent of a "stupid pill", scares the hell out of me that these dumbasses will be driving around even MORE now.

    Not only do I have drunk drivers to worry about, now I'll have even MORE pot heads on the road to watch!
  12. hate to tell ya but i dont think thats a valid reason for not liking pot, cause people already do that in scary numbers (smoke pot and drive that is)

    plus im pretty sure while pot does impair your ability to drive, alcohol is alot worse

    and ya know if the government was really interested in cutting back DUI accidents they would try and stop folks before driving drunk rather than wanting to catch them in the act for the DUI money, i mean its a racket. DUI school is completly retarded, and its all a money making scheme
  13. Where I work, if one shows up impaired, that's it, you are out. If you test positive for any drug use on a random test, bye-bye. That's not going to change and I'm okay with that.

    Booze is legal but we are not allowed to be under the influence at work. If pot is legalized it will not make any difference in this policy, it will still be a quick ticket to unemployment.

    I read nothing in the article saying that an employer will be required to allow stoned employees to remain as employees. It might make the firing process a little more complicated, getting enough documentation so that some stoner can't file a wrongful termination claim.
  14. this pretty much

    although the bad thing about drug tests is they are pretty much solely for pot, as it can stay in your system for a whole month while cocaine, pcp, meth, and any of the really bad drugs only stay in for 3 to 5 days
  15. SwedeSteve

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    "although the bad thing about drug tests is they are pretty much solely for pot, as it can stay in your system for a whole month while cocaine, pcp, meth, and any of the really bad drugs only stay in for 3 to 5 days"

    That's only true when using urinalysis as the preferred test.
  16. billy

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    let doctors prescribe it.
    let pharmacists dispense it.
    and dont hire people for important jobs that claim to need to be stoned all the time.
    dishwasher? sure!
    heavy equipment operator? NO!
  17. SKS NOOB

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    Yep. Medicalize and put it in for research. Past that, It would be like letting a drunk run a crane at a construction site.
  18. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    I'm sick of Cali. useless as tits on a goose and a waste of good gun range space.:censored::angryfire:
  19. ya, hair tests are very expensive, blood tests arent as conclusive and neither is the cheek swab (ie tooth brush test) which most corporations use now (only reason companies use drug tests is to alleviate themselves of responsibility and to cover their own butt, makes sense though)
  20. CAV88

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    Please, please explain to me why when weed would be legalized every pot smoker would take to the roads? you think just because its illegal people aren't going to drive high? people who are going to drink and drive are going to do it legal or not same goes with smoking and driving or taking your prescription meds while driving. I agree that you shouldn't have to put up with cigarette smokers or weed smokers, and i also agree it is absolutely and after hours activity, no different then you old farts poppin vicodin every night for "your pain", or the guy over there drinkin a beer or two. If it were legalized it would be harder to get your hands on it just like booze was when i was in high school, weed on the other hand could be had easily, not only would you get it out of schools or at least harder to obtain, you would undermine the foundation of the black market and free up a lot of jail space and tax payer dollars and even create more revenue. its a no brainer to legalize it