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    Ok, I picked up some M2 ball today for the Springfield Garand I'll be picking up tomorrow.

    Anyone know where to find the least expensive safe ammo?
    Anyone know what the most accurate ammo for it is?
    I'm told Winchester 180gr is too hot. What about Remington 150gr?
  2. I used PMC 150 gr. - about 6.95/box of 20 in my area. CMP has the best deal, I think. 400rds for a little over a hundred dollars - delivered.

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    I just ordered 800 rounds, for $199 from the CMP
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    Yes that is too hot. The rifle is not mad to be slammed back over and over with a harder hit than was made for. The gas operating system is very happy with 150gr and can handle 173gr but the higher you go the more you burn barrel and Throat errosion. You wear the op rod and cylinder a bit faster and at 180gr you are messing with the strength of a 60 year old rifle. You wouldnt slap youre 90 year old Grandma on the back now would yah hahahahaha. Rifles like the FN FAL made a adjustable gas outlet for different grains. Rick B
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    Ok Rick you sound like you have the answers on the 180 grain. How much faster will the TE and barrel wear out?
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    I couldnt give you a true answer to that but have heard that 150gr will on a average knock 1 T.E. off per 1,000- 1,500 {other variable count like rapid fireing and cleaning}the higher the grain you should see a bit more wear. This wear goes without saying but again how much more I couldnt truthfully answer. I have heard it brings it down to 800 rds per 1 T.E. loss Any takers out there with the real answer? RIck B
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    Talon Ammo. there are on the net.

    147gr FMJ military reloads

    250 for $65. Case prices even cheaper.

    Gun show on April 6th. I'll get thier phone and addy if any of you want it.
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    It's not the bullet weight so much as the powder thats the problem. If you aren't using something that burns similar to IMR4895 or 4064 you are asking for trouble. You can load heavy bullets in the M1 and shoot them but don't try and "hotrod" them downrange. Yes trying to shoot 190grn HPBT Match rounds at 2700fps at the 1000yd line will work and won't damage the op-rod due to high "port pressures" it WILL beat the rear of the receiver up though. This has happened with M14's and similar loads and it cracked them badly.

    I might add that most commercial "hunting ammo" is loaded for bolt guns NOT M1's. They have slow burning powder that has increased port pressure which is death to M1 oprods. It's not "if my oprod gets bent it's WHEN, while using hunting ammo.

    As for TE thats a hard question with many answers. It's probably safe to say that unless you are a "serious" shooter you will not notice any appreciable wear in your rifle no matter what you shoot in it.
    Story to go with that:
    Good friend has a rack grade M1A and shoots nothing but surplus in it (steel jacket, copper, whatever). He buys ammo by the pallet if that says anything and shoots conservativly 1000rnds a month. I remember checking his TE one time and it was approx. "5" well nearly 7 months later it's now a "6.5" so the 1,000 rnds to 1 line of wear doesn't mean much to me. I think it might mean each line is 10,000 rounds! (grin!)

    Point is he shoots alot and different ways (Match or just rapid fire), he uses the rifle like a normal "grunt" would use it and it's holding up fine.

    I think the TE gage is only realy usefull for "haggling" a price at a gunshow. Bottom line is how does the rifle shoot??
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    Thank you Jerremy if I may I will keep you're post for future reference? I heard the info I talked about on the CSP during a few posts over the years and no one every denied it as a rule. This is why I said "I heard when I made the second post." I had it messed up a quite a bit there and appreciate the help. Rick B