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Proper rear sight ?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shaddownone, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. I have a 57,??? Springfield, what is the proper sight for the time period ? In a parts kit I have a lockbar to swap with it, and am wondering if I should.
  2. Your M-1 was made sometime late 1940, the type 1 lock-bar was not used until March 1942. I would leave it alone until you can find the correct flush nut sight. Bob

  3. What does it look like

    Anyone have or know of a site that has pics of the proper sight?
    Need to know what to look for at the shows.
  4. Shaddownone,

    I have a SA-88186 from the CMP that came with Post War II rear-sights. Never thought I'd find correct Lock Bar early sights, so I settled for Type Lock Bars which can be found at reasonable prices. Thats probably the one you have in your parts kit. The right original ones, will cost yu big $$$$ unless you find them and the seller has no clue as to want he has.
    The Lock Bar, type III's are more accurate then Post War rear sights. Just my 2 cents.
    Regards Steve-Indy
  5. Check look at the restored gas trap Garand, the rear sight is a flush nut. From a distance it doesn't look much different than the post war sight. Bob white
  6. Couldn't make out the flush diffrence

    Photo not detailed enough to see diffrences on Duff's gas trap. Thanks for the suggestion. Guess I'll break down and get a book someday but saving up for another M1 or 1903A3 keeps putting the book idea on hold.
    :p -
  7. Get a copy of Jessie C. Harrison's Collecting the Garand II. It has excelent line drawings comparing all the different parts(op rods,sights,bolts ect.,ect.) Well worth the price. This book will save you money.
  8. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. G&G Newbie

    Where do I get Jessie C. Harrison's Collecting the Garand II? I looked on the big book companies, but no dice.
  9. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Here are a few sights. The one in the back is the earliest being a Flush nut with a type 1 pinion. the one in the middle is a Lockbar type 3 lockbar on it and the closest one is the last sight called the T105E1. There were variations to the two earlier ones but this is the basic look. It gets deeper with Winchester sights and checkered knobs for SA and Winny also on early and later mixed a bit. There were differnt shafts on Pinions along with all of this also. Rick B

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  10. thank you

    thank you vary much. i got the right one on it after all.
  11. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. G&G Newbie

    On my T105E1 rear site I have "DRC" stamped on the face of the windage knob. Anyone know what it stands for and it's history? My M1 Garand is 1945, but the rear site (T105E1) is post WWII or at least late 1945/46. I think!! Jerry K.
  12. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Yes that is Druge Brothers MFG CO. now there were small and large size letters and these were made for HRA from everything I have ever heard on them. Rick B
  13. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. G&G Newbie

    Thanks Doc. I would say these are large letters. Jerry K.
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