property forsale

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    property for sale

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  2. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaahahahha that's good i wish i'd have thought of that!
    check this out i found this on a comedy site, see if you can find the addition to the poster.


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  3. tommy

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    i got it but i think that people should leave hillary alone after all she is a blonde lmao lol. what can you exspect lol
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    Keep a gun in the tackle box.

    There'll be more man made lake's in Afg. than there are natural lakes in Wisconsin after the dust settles. Fishing should get better but you'd better keep a gun in the tackle box. (ha)
    Oxford:D :nod:
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    I saw somewhere on the 'Net a map of the region, showing a huge lake - Lake America - where Afghanistan used to be! Gotta find it again. :p