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    Okay I'm going to rant once more about Taxes.

    Fayetteville NC/ Cumberland Cty has been trying to get a 1% added onto our sales tax to help with the education budget. We even had the school board SUE the county when they cut the budget 5 or 6 million the other year. They reached an agreement in mediation.

    The argument that people are using for this is we have alot of people in this town that are renter's(we are a military town). "Renters don't pay property taxes!" etc..... This is utterly false and total BS. You see they have threatened to raise property taxes if they can't get the sales tax they want. They taught the public with bogus arguments like these; and get the less informed to run aroiund spouting these slogans. Well unless these renters live in cardboard boxes under bridges then they pay property taxes when they pay their rent. There is not one person who rents property who does not figure in the taxes when the calculate a rent. I know I own a rental property.

    Once in a radio interview with the one of the enlightened elected officials a caller asked why can't the city and county just learn to live within their budgets and cut spending every once in a while.

    The radio guy jumped in and chided the caller and said "haven't you heard what we have been talking about. Every one pays the sales tax not everyone pays property tax" The councilman agreed with the radio announcer and started on how it would be more fair if we raised sales tax.

    Both the radio announcer and the councilman completely ignored the point the caller made. Which was CUT SPENDING! Why is this so **** hard to comprehend?
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    what don't you like paying taxes!!!! you should be glad to pay taxes!!! what part of emptied pockets don't you understand??? well enough of that b.s.!!. the truth of the matter is that these political whores and their useful idiots in the media are the ignorant ones. they spread the big lie often enough and thick enough, that eventually it is the gospel. bet this councilman is a democrap!!! hes a good magician while keeping everyone distracted, and at odds, hes picking the pockets of all!!!!. but what even more scary is that an organized group of idiots manages to vote these bozo' in to office!!!!!!:fuss: :mad:

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    Now me and the IRS and every other state and federal agency enind in S seem to not agree with each other...The problem I have is when their is so much PORK in the budget. Also when I see that the local Sherif needs 1,000,000 to add 4 more officers...$250,000 a peice..I know we dont pay that well... I get more torqued over the waste....Wish I could raise my pay to cover my Art expenses..
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    simple check out and and do the same thing there in your state
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    Where did my posts go?

    Jesse: What has happened to my post dated 4/19 at approximately 8-10 pm? Last night it showed up on this it's gone.

    Was it too controversial for this forum? In fact, there's two posts missing now. The other was about schools not getting tax money from lotteries, as is the common myth.

    Did anyone else have missing posts from yesterday evening/night?

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    I have seen some posts about schools and lottery money, but on a different thread.
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    Explanation for lost posts given by Jesse

    Jesse has posted on another thread the explanation for the missing posts.

    Administrators were making some software/hardware system changes about the time of my posting and items posted during that time got wiped out.

    I may try to re-post my comments on the subject of why school taxes keep increasing tomorrow.

    Oxford:nod: ;)
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    I have never minded paying my fair share. But the waste has got to go! and my share needs to be smaller!

    They are belly-aching about a "budget shortfall", what a huge joke/lie.

    It's not a budget shortfall they just spent too much. And heaven forbid they treat "contracters" the same as "taxpayers", if they did that, we wouldn't have a "budget shortfall". Because they wouldn't get any money!
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    Send your legistlators a tea bag and remind them you are the tax payer and the voter remember its an election year they want your vote