Proposed Book Titles For the Clintons & Friends

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    Proposed Book Titles For the Clintons & Friends
    An anonymous source has leaked the titles "Today" will be recommending for their club:

    1) My Life As A Woman
    by Paul Begala

    2) My Life as A Human Gargoyle
    by James Carville

    3) I Could Kill A Puppy in DisneyWorld and Drink Soup From It's Skull and You Will Still Love Me
    by Hillary Clinton

    4) Actually, She's Done That!
    by Bill Clinton

    5) How to Travel the World on the Taxpayer Dime and NEVER, NEVER Get A Job
    by Chelsea Clinton

    6) Talking And Other Things To Do With Your Lips Tightly Compressed Together
    by Judy Woodruff

    7) The View From Down Here: Confessions from Under the Desk
    by Jonathan Alter

    8) Failing Upwards: How to Succeed On Little Talent and Less Brains: by Al Hunt and Ted Rall

    9) Me? Wheeeee! by Katie Couric

    10) Tales from the Puke-N-Pub by Molly Ivens and Maureen Dowd, with a forward by Jimmy Breslin and a Anne Richards Chaser.