PT 940 Effective Range / Accuracy

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    I have a PT 940 with fixed front and rear sites.
    Can someone tell me what is the optimum range.
    At 10 to 11 meters this pistol shoots consistantly about 1/3 of a meter (about 1 foot) low. At about 5 meters it is relativley accurate. This seems to me to be a relativley short optimum range.
    Any comments or advise?
  2. That's some bullet drop. If the sights are on at 5 meters, but a foot low at 10, I can't help but think it's the shooters fault. Practice a bit more and see if it doesn't change.

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    That's way low. It could be you, the ammo, or the gun. I do notice that my glazers will shoot 6" or so lower than POA at 50'; the defensive ammo I use close to POA. POA being off would be less apparent at close range; I'd say a 15-20 meter zero would be fine.

    I'd try with both target practice ammo and the defensive ammo you're going to use and see if it's still low at 15 yards/meters. If it is, you might need a shorter front sight/higher rear sight. Shoot a consistent group and see where it's going. Make sure you're focusing on the front sight and pressing (not jerking) the trigger. Ideally, have someone else shoot the gun as well and/or observe your shooting technique. I don't know your experience level, but we all can use some instruction at times from a good firearms instructor.
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  4. Get someone else to shoot it and see what they do.