Pump 22 question, odd gun ive never seen

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    I have come across an aluminum/plastic stocked remington pump 22 with a SMOOTH bore. Does anyone know anything about this model? Its at least 30-40 years old because it was given as a gift to this person. Its 100% stock but I cant seem to find anything on it. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm eager to hear what it is myself !


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    After a little digging it seems its some sort of 572 bdl model. Its been a while since I looked at it but it looks to be a variant of that model. I hope to find out as well, Im told it only has 20 rounds through it :bigeyes:
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  4. Some .22's were smoothbore . . .

    . . . to facilitate very small shot charges. It has been a long time since I have seen this type .22 ammo but you could get it when I was a teenager. My father told me it was meant for things such as rats and mice in the barn along with the occassional chickensnake (egg stealer/eater but that is another story). The idea was to eliminate a barnyard varmit at close range without the possibility of damaging the barn, having a bullet ricochet to harm the shooter/equipment/chickens etc. The shot was extremely small (naturally) and the ranges were
    not great with this ammo. The bullets were crimped at the end to form
    a pointed cone.

    My uncle had a single shot smoothbore .22 but, honestly, it was so long ago I cannot recall the manufacturer.
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    If my memory serves me right they were called rutledge models and were made to shooot the shells that nathangdad takled about which are called rat shot and can still be puchased, they are fairly rare and worth a little bit of money so be very careful in you research. I don't think very many were made.
  6. Probably it is Remington 572 BDL Smoothbore. Look at:
    Remington Model 572™ Specifications
    I own alike 572 Fieldmaster model with rifled bore and I'm very satisfied with it. I enjoy shooting every weekend. A lot of pleasure with no cost ammo 22lr.
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    winchester also made a smoothbore pump. they even sold miniature clay pigeons for them (smaller than minis).