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  1. It is estimated that about 10% of people are nothing but evil. You look at someone as possibly a friend. They look at someone as how can they get their money belongings or take their life. Some dont belive that. I know I tend to forget that fact. But in my life I have run across some that would fit that category. Case in point:

    Mystery deepens as 4th severed foot found

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Another severed human foot has been discovered washed ashore on Canada's Pacific coast, but police are no closer to solving the gruesome mystery.

    The foot, still wearing a shoe, was discovered on Thursday on a small uninhabited island south of Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia, and is the fourth discovered in the region in the past 10 months.
    The previous cases all involved right feet still in sneakers, and each was found on a different island.
    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not said if the latest discovery was a right or left foot.
    DNA testing has failed to link the earlier discoveries to any missing person cases.
    (Reporting Allan Dowd, editing by Rob Wilson)
  2. shi+ wheres my shotgun .

  3. Used to be about 96% of crime was committed by 4% of the people. Crime went up and I'm sure the percentage of perps has gone up. There has been a major culture/values change in the past 30 years.
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  4. Very frightening . . .

    yet we must remember the great majority of people are decent.

    It is easy to lose perspective from reading this type news.

    If you ever read The Stranger Beside Me about mass murderer Ted Bundy
    you realize how difficult it is to identify the truly dangerous.
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    You don't live 3 hours away... :bigeyes:

    I'm making sure my AES-10 is near my bed along with my GLOCK.
  6. I was helping an elderly friend one time by weed eating around his bussiness and found somebodys Big Toe it was perfectly cut off and dried out and had turned black.
  7. wow funny AH you made me laugh
  8. kR I called a Tow truck to come haul it off !
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    CSI: Seven©

    Disgruntled shoe salesman.
    Two words: Al Bundy
    Book 'em, Danno.
  10. The easiest killings to work are those done as part of another crime. A guy shoots a bank clerk during a robbery, solve the robbery you catch the killer.
    Ok, now if you have someone who kills just to kill, he doesn't steal anything, doesn't rape or take the car or committ another crime, he hard as crap to catch.
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    .... We all go a little mad sometimes...
  12. Dang it. How'd my foot wind up all the way in BC?
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    And some people think that monsters only exist on the big screen, it is truly astounding what some of these creatures can do to their fellow man.
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    Probably from the local GAS station...They are charging an Arm and A Leg !!!:34:
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    Heehee, your right, this thread doesn't have a LEG to stand on! :09:
  16. Yup give em a foot and they take a mile.
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    Well I dont know about that but I do know here in NC 10% of criminals commit over 50% of all crimes. So if we could ever lockup that 10%.....
  18. Hmmmm..... Big Foot ?.... I know Free Willy
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    If you could lock 'em up, and the judges would leave 'em locked up...
  20. Sounds like the work of a ped-ifile!
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