Pyrodex pellets and minnie or maxi

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, May 14, 2002.

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    Howdy all,

    I've been trying out some pyrodex pellets in my 50 cal in-line (I know, the ultimate sacrilege). I just wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.

    Anyways, I have been using 3 x 30 grain pellets, and the results were adequate. I then tried reducing to a 2 x 30 grain pellet load, and got wierd results. In both cases, I was shooting 385 gr. Hornady minnies. The two pellet, 60 grain load basically lobbed the bullet like I had thrown it, and the second pellet also went downrange, albeit on fire. There was no recoil. I got the same results every time I shot that load, and I made sure I had the pellets in the right way (black powder end towards the breech) and that the load was seated all the way. I'm guessing the first pellet ignited and went off okay, but the second pellet failed somehow, which don't make sense considering it never did that with three pellets.

    Got any ideas?

    By the way, which bullet type do y'all prefer? Which do you think is more accurate? Which is more effective game getter? :confused:
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    I have a cap lock, but after looking at the load data for my TC .50 in the TC book the 60 grain load looks a bit underpowered as far as minimum recomendations go. In the .50 capper, a 370 grain maxi hunter has a min charge of 80 FFG & a max of 100 gn FFG most find happiness between there. It might not have done it with three pellets due to the energy behind the whole thing finishing the burn off.
    can't help on the bullets, I shoot round ball. no need to change killed grave yard dead everything shot with it.

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    I reckon that it's the combination of reduced load and solid mass of the fuel source that is the cause. It doesn't fail like that with 60 grains of loose powder.

    I think that perhaps the pellets were only meant for full or optimum load use. Anything less and they just don't work right. Must be a mass-friction thing. Oh well, wouldn't have known if I hadn't tried. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll try two of the 50 grainers next and see what they do.
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    Ben, I shot my first Muzzle loader this weekend. A T-C Wildcat, in .50 caliber. I'm using the 50 grain pellets, and so far have stayed with two (100 grains total) with good results. My very first shot fired onlt the 209 cap, but every shot thereafter was good. The gun kicked about like a 12 guage, as it has a very light plastic stock and light total weight.
    It didn't care for the round balls, but I have it on good authority that I should probably reduce the load a bit. The 240 /250 grain sabot loads shot much better. Several times I place two shots within an inch, but a five shot group averaged 2-3 inches at 50 yards. I'm still getting used to it, and expect to improve.
    The pre-lubed 370 grain maxi-hunter was about the same in accuracy, but really kicked! That extra mass makes a difference.
    I never had any problems with pellets not firing. I have seen other shooters get a sort of "ba-boom" effect, as the second pelet blows a liitle later than the first. Maybe these hot 209 primers help.
    The gun is rated for a max of 150 grains (three pellets), but my shoulder was complaining after 26 rounds fired. That's about like shooting the same number of 12 guage slug loads. I'll have to try the heavier load next time.
    All in all, I had a good time with the smoke pole.