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Pyrodex pistol pellets????

Discussion in 'Muzzle Loading' started by KevinA, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. KevinA

    KevinA G&G Newbie

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum and thought I would throw a question out. I own a 1851 Colt Navy repro in .44 made by Traditions (Pietta), in brass frame. I usually use Pyrodex P or even RS, around 20 or so grains, with #11 Rem caps, .454 balls.....never needed a filler, use a bit of Crisco to prevent chain fires. Anyway, I see .44/.45 Pyrodex pellets today at Walmart. The rep said they have been around for a while and are perfectly safe to fire in my repro. I have always fired in the range of 20-28 grain Pyrodex P or RS. Any higher, I figure accuracy would be affected and the frame might slowly start to get annoyed. ANY thoughts on these pellets for an 1851 Colt Navy repro by Pietta in .44, I would greatly appreciate. Thanks so much!!!!!
  2. rebel727

    rebel727 G&G Enthusiast

    I think those pellets are 30 grains and are a bit much for a brass frame. Loose powder works best anyway. The first sign of overloading a brass frame is the cylinder ratchet imprinting the recoil shield.

  3. jimkim

    jimkim G&G Enthusiast

    I think Rebel is dead on. I have am old brass frame 1851 too. When I was shooting triple F in it, I never noticed it being loose. I ran one cylinder of Pyrodex pellets through it and I could feel a MAJOR difference in looseness when I cleaned it.
  4. KevinA

    KevinA G&G Newbie

    Yes, of course, I forgot to state the pellets are 30 grain. The Walmart rep said they were fine to shoot, but I was worried that 30g was too hot for a brass frame. Thanks for the responses!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. majmac

    majmac G&G Newbie

    I own a Pietta 1851 Navy Colt .44, with a steel frame. The 30 gr. pellet should be safe, shouldn't it?
  6. rebel727

    rebel727 G&G Enthusiast

    They'll be safe in a steel frame but ignition isn't reliable. Loose powder is much better.
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