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  1. I went to a new eye doctor today under my wifes health care since I'm fully retired now and an interesting discussion came about.

    After the Doctor went through his exam he unexpectantly asked my if I was a drug user (and I could sense he didn't mean aspirin either).

    So, with a little mental chuckle I figured, "Why not have fun with this one". Calmly and directly looking at him I told him, "Yes, I have to admit I do use drugs".

    Well, he began hectically writing in my chart as I would expect him to and I could also sense he was collecting his thoughts. Then he asked, "Would you mind sharing with me what kind of drugs you do?" I calmly stated, "All kinds of stuff.....what ever I can get that is the cheapest and works." Again, with a slight smile on his face he writes and I chuckle to myself.

    I then asked him what his questions were about and he told me I had a clear cataract that indicates extensive and prolonged steroid use. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Whatever". He writes some more (I'm not buffed but I'm not lacking for bulk).

    Now, knowing where this is going, knowing I don't like the Gestapo technique and knowing it was time to put a stop to this horse crap, I calmly asked the quack if prescription medication was a 'drug' in his book and he said, "Yes" with a somewhat disappointed tone in his voice. With that I told him of the various prescribed allergy medications (which contained steroids) I have taken a lot in the past 20 years or so and told him I had a much more logical discussion of my cataract problem with my previous Doctor.

    You could see, when he found out about my allergy meds, it was like an FBI agent who found out he had arrrested the wrong guy. He thought he had an admitted illegal steroid user spilling his guts to him and was documenting everything I told him.

    Needless to say I'll be going to another eye Doctor soon. Perhaps one that doesn't work for the DEA on the side, lol. At least one who thinks about allergy medications before illegal drug use........yepper.
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    Dale,I'm proud of ya. hehehe.

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    Nice one Dale!
    Everyone is looking to be a "hero". Poor fella had his cheerio's wizzed in!!