Question about Coyote Hunting (New member also)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rooster0210, May 18, 2008.

  1. Rooster0210

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    I just bout a small game license today and its my first time. I am planning on hunting Coyotes here in western Wa and I was wondering if I needed any tags or any other paperwork stuff other than this License. Anyone know?
  2. I couldn't find anything about special permits. Scroll down about halfway down and you'll find coyotes.

    And hey, Welcome to the forums.

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    It sounds like you only lack trust and friendship of property owners.They are both earned by your actions.Have a great time. sam.
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    Welcome to G&G.Lots of nice folks here. Check with your local Game Warden and he can tell you if any other permits are required. Enjoy the site.
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    Many states let you hunt yotes about any time of the year, without any special permit. I have tried a few times here in Ohio with no success yet lol. Hopefully you do better. Good luck.
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    Thanks, I've been trying to get ahold of the Wa Dep of Fish and Wildlife and ask. Just no luck yet since its been a weekend.

    What do you mean by that Sam? lol I know several landowners. :sad2:
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    What sam means is that there a lot of people out there that call themselves hunters,yet they abuse the priviledges that londowners give them to hunt and it really hurts those of us who take the priviledge seriously, and do everything we can to help the landowner and leave the place better than it was when we got there, shut gates, don't ride down fences, and pick up after ourselves and at all times be curtious. These are the actions of a real hunter. This will get the trust and friendship of landowners. Just my opinion.
  8. All you need to do is find some property!
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    i hear you on that....i always see them when i dont have my gun but when i do, nothing

    i agree, if the landowner is nice enough to let you hunt on his land you should take care of it, pick up your shells and things of that matter and i usualy give them some of the meat i get from the animals i shot on their property.
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    Coyote Hunting

    What caliber of rifle do you plan to use? I have used .222 Remington and .220 Swift in the past with good results. The Swift will bag them a lot further out. Coyotes are wily animals, there have been some attacks on children and pets in CA by coyotes lately. Good Luck.