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    Hey I've been wanting to check out a gunshow for some time. My question is do you need to have an FFL in this state to buy a gun at a gunshow? And also how does the pistol cooling off period work? Cause I know its 5 days here, are gunshows exempt from this particular?
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    "You're not from around here, are you?"

    I had to laugh when I read your questions, because it sounds like they are based on commiefornia experience.

    Washington State is majorly democrat, politically, but is still gun friendly, outside of Seattle.

    Go to any other county in the State, and you can buy any gun at the Gun Show, without an FFL transaction, as long as you are a legal resident of Washington State, and do not have a criminal record. You must be 21 to buy handguns. You show ID, pay your money, walk out with your gun. Just like law abiding citizens should be able to.

    You can buy a gun from another Washington State resident, even in King County, without going through a FFL Dealer, but there are fewer gun shows to choose from. Check out Monroe and Puyallup gun shows.

    If you have any other questions about it, contact the local Sheriff's office.

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    I was born and raised here but my mother and grandparents are anti gun I just started getting into them. Actually, I was told by an old timer in Arlinton,Wa up in Snohomish that you had to have an ffl to buy a gun at a gunshow. Its why I asked. Looks like ima check out the one in either Puyallup or the one up in monroe SWEET I heard they got deals!
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    no buddy lol at the WAC (washington arms collector) gun shows you do need to be a member and i would gladly sponser you, they have a big show coming up in october that is down in puyalup and is supposed to be the biggest and best one around here, but the next show at monroe state fair grounds is sept 17th i think.. ill be there so it shouldnt be a problem to meet up and get ya registered - just to make it easier on you though having a concealed weapon permit first makes it a bit faster and cheaper
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    +1 on the WAC reference. You must be a member to buy/sell/trade any firearms. But if you pay your way, and buy other stuff that isn't guns, then you're ok like ammo, holsters, etc. You can't even bring a gun in if you aren't a member. Actions must be tied inoperable, and no magazines in any gun (of course if it is a fixed box mag, you can't remove that). If you don't tie it, they have a table (anyways at the Puyallup show. Haven't been to a Monroe show) at the entrance and do it for you. No cameras, or concealed (or openly) carried firearms allowed, of course all firearms must be unloaded prior to entry. So if you carry there in your car, empty the gun and bring the gun inside, or leave it in your vehicle if you don't want to carry/sell it.

    It is also my understanding that any dealers that are at a show, have to go through their channels, and do a NICS check with accompanying and appropriate firearm sales forms.

    However, if you make it down to the Centralia show at the fairgrounds, there is a $5 entry fee, and you can buy/sell/trade firearms with no membership required. Actions must be tied inoperable as well. The Centralia show is much smaller than the WAC in Puyallup though.
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    Ohhhhh ok i get it so i dont need an ffl but if I go to the WAC gunshows I have to be a member of there organization in order to actually buy firearms. Well I don't even have a CCW yet cause I dont own a pistol Thats why I wanted to get one at a gun show cause they have deals and I was gonna wait till I got a pistol before I got a CCW but I think Ill just go get one anyway. And Cav I might take ya up on that offer after I get a CCW?
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    absoulutley buddy i will send you a PM with my phone number and all taht jazz so we can meet up, ill even go with ya to get ur CCW lol i had to have someone go with me too lol its a simple process i do suggest getting your CCW before the show tho to make it easier on ya
  8. Iron_Colonel

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    Yea, getting your CCW before you want to become a WAC member will certainly increase the speed in the process of getting your membership. And, if you ever wanted to buy anything from the CMP (Civialian Marksmanship Program) like a Garand, the WAC is also an affiliated club, so that takes care of one of your requirements right there.

    You can go to the WAC show and sign up there to be a member. Last I heard, they will do a backround check while you wait. If you make a trip down, hit me up and I'll meet you somewhere at the show in Puyallup. I don't make it up to Monroe. We'll see next month maybe I'll ride up to a Monroe show on my motorcycle. Haven't ever been up to one there. I don't know what's closer for you, but I make the WAC shows in Puyallup on Sundays every month. Sundays are the best day to go for membership, lines are short in the morning. I have also heard from quite a few vendors that Saturday afternoons are pretty slow too at the Puyallup shows. The "Big Show" or the "Big One" is coming up here in October. Looking forward, and I'm sure it will be very busy as there is no show in Sept. due to the fair.
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    The WAC Membership is only necessary if you go to a WAC sponsored gun show.

    There are other gun show sponsors who just charge a straight entry fee ($5 - $10 depending on location) at the time you go to the show. All you need to buy a gun is a Washington Driver's License, and no firearm prohibition/disqualifiers on you.

    I have not been to the Puyallup or Monroe shows, but up in the North counties, we have regular monthly gun shows other than WAC sponsored shows, as well.
  10. Dont waste your time or money going to a wac gunshow. Pure bs they charge you admission at the door then if you want to buy anything you have to buy a wac membership. What county are you in Ten? I'm out in Oak Harbor and do most of my hunting and shooting in the north counties.
  11. Iron_Colonel

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    Despite having to be a member at the WAC to buy/sell/trade firearms, the shows down in Puyallup are quite large, and pretty good for selection of firearms. So if you only go once all year, and it costs you $35 to become a member, it's like paying for a transfer fee to a 01 FFL if you buy a gun out of state or have to have it shipped from somewhere. And half the fun is finding a price both parties can agree on too. But if you aren't a member, (as was my case when I signed up to be a member) and want to become a member, they took the admission charge off my membership fee when I registered my first time.
  12. There is a gunshow coming up in Kennewick this weekend. If you are doing a private sale at one of the tables, you can walk out with your firearm purchase without having an FFL. However, if you buy a new gun from an FFL dealer in the complex, you will either have to present a Concealed Pistol License or wait the mandatory waiting period to get your gun. D&B Sales out of Walla Walla is one of the dealers with excellent retail prices but... You need that CPL or you need to wait. Good luck!!
  13. Ten Man,

    I had to laugh too! But when you said, Commiefornia! it had me rolling on the floor!

    But the simple truth is, most anti-gun people, are from Calif. or from back East, with some Socialistic (Commie) foundation money backing their efforts to change Washington's gun Laws, hunting rights, and or close down Gun Shows. They can bend the ear of a Congressmen faster then you can load and fire a legal gun.

    In reply to Gun Shows, in Washington, or for that matter any State in the Union. The NRA magazines, list most Gun Show dates. Anyone not a member of the NRA, should join today, or next payday. They are the ones fighting for our gun rights against these Socialistic anti-gunners.

    Any gun or rifle owner can sell in local news Classified, and you can buy these items, with I.D. and a written sales slip between seller and buyer, as long as you can legally do so.
    I've bought a few hunting rifles this way, and my first Gun Show purchase, 15 years ago, was a sweet, Mosin M-91/59 Carbine, from a FFL-03 seller, for $125.00 cash. (In pristine condition!) a real tack driver too! (1 1/4" groups @ 75 yds./open sights) for a Show fee of $6.00 (good for all day), at the door. In case you wanted to go for lunch, or an ATM.

    That's the way it should be all over the U.S. of A.! Screw these Commie SOB's ! :usa2:

    Semper Fi !

    "I did not join the Marine Corps, to die for my Country, I joined the Corps, so any enemy I faced, would die for his Country!" the Gunny
  14. I've been to the W.A.C. show in Puyallup. there is so much stuff some times its hard to focus on all the paraphernalia laid out. but after wondering around for quite a long time I never found any ammo as cheap as I could buy it at my local sports warehouse. but that was just after the O'bummer was elected and all ammo prices spiked
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    WAC is very active in protecting Washington gun-owners rights. They make the rules tight for their shows to keep the anti-gunners from scheming with the "gun show loop-hole' rhetoric and they have dealt with Greg Nichols for years...probably instrumental is getting him voted out of office. They spend a bit of money doing this. Unlike the NRA, WAC isn't soliciting contributions ervery three weeks; they do it with funds they get from membership and gun show admission fees.

    Thay have also gotten the news media involved with situations that involved Greg Nichols anti-gun movement members trying to do "straw" purchases at WAC shows; and uncovered the anti-gunners tactics of trying to make illegal purchases and sales from the trunks of cars in the fairground's parking lot.

    Don't spout off with bs because you're too cheap to pay admission or join the WAC and have a chip on your shoulder. I was a WAC member for nearly 20 years before I moved to MO.

    Also, I might add, when I was a member I never paid an admission charge...just pinned my membership card to my jacket and walked in.

    Be advised, gun show bargains are a thing of the past. For a great buying experience check out Mary's Guns in Tacoma...small shop with great people.
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    I'm new here and was wondering about gun shows as well. Does anyone know of any good shows in or near the Vancouver area? Also what's the best way to get a gun without going through the hassle/process of the paper work and the licenses, etc? Although I'm 99.9% sure I'd pass the background check and be approved (all I have on my record is 2 minor traffic violations and 1 possession charge), I'd much prefer to not have to deal with all that if possible.

    I'm kinda new to this stuff, so any advice or tips especially relating to the Washington area and finding a decent price and easy way to do this would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. West1

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    Or someone PM me if you'd prefer and if you can help me make my first purchase or if you have something to sell.

    I'm hoping to get something within the next month.