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  1. My buddy has a 10/22 and we go out and shoot ever once in a while and the darn thing won't stop stove pipeing. Almost every single shot out of it you have to put back the extractor and tilt the rifle sideways to clear the chamber of the shell that just got stuck! It's pretty annoying! Does anyone know what might be the cause of this problem? Are there any solutions? I'm guessing there are solutions considering the amount of people with 10/22's and have little or no problems. Any help would be great! As far as I know, it's an all stock blued, 10/22. No mods on it whatsoever. If anyone needs any more info, let me know and I'll try and find out. Thanks!

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    never had an issue, & I'm sure someone may know better but,

    Weak ammo,
    Dirty chamber,
    Defective mag,
    wrong lube, (too viscous)

    I'd start here. Ruger has pretty good cust service though.

  3. I had the very same thing happening to mine and it turned out to be the smoke-clear plastic 25 round mags I was using.
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    Typically, stovepiping is caused by poor extraction from the chamber. But there are many more causes. If it(the rifle) is fairly new, it could be caused by the preservative that Ruger put on the rifle before shipping. That goo inside the reciever from the factory is NOT lubricant. Clean the bejesus out of it and use a dry lube on the moving parts. Then run a brick or two of High velocity ammo through it(not stingers).
    Another thing to look at is the magazine. The Ruger factory mag is the best by far to use. Other "high capicity" and plastic mags may not fit or feed right. The magazine does the ejecting when installed and plastic lip mags start wearing out with the first shot. Make sure the mag is clean and drylubed as well. Make sure the mag fits into the mag-well tight and locks into place properly.
    If the barrel has been removed, make sure the extractor and notch line up correctly. The notch should be at a slight downward angle, not perfectly horizontal. If the barrel has not been removed, make sure the chamber and extractor notch are clean.
    Just a few hints, hope it helps.
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    My 10-22 used to stovepipe frequently but after extended use and an occasional deep cleaning, including removing the bolt and oiling the internal parts, it seldom does anymore. I use Remington oil. Do NOT use WD-40.
    Sounds like it just needs a bit of breaking in.
  6. Well thanks for all your comments there guys. The rifle itself is fairly old. He's been shooting since he was 14 or so and it's been 12 years since then. So the rifle has had lots of use. I'll just have to suggest to him that he give it a good cleaning and we'll try out a few different types of ammo. As for the mags, yes, the 25 ones caused far more malfunctions than the standard 10, we'll run through those as well. Thanks a lot there guys!


    Ooop, he's been shooting for plenty of years but he hasn't had the ruger that long I'm sure. Just in case that might have caused some confusion. Still, he's had the Ruger for a while. Either way, thanks again.