Question about new or used Stoeger Cougar

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Sober, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Sober

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    Stoeger Cougar.... New or Used?

    Hey Everybody,
    Finnaly decided what im going to buy for my first handgun. Im pretty much in love with the stoeger cougar 9mm. I was talking to the guy up a my favorite local gunstore and he told me he had a couple brand new at $419 and one used in "excellent" condition and it still had the box and everything for I think he said either $320 or $330. Now i was on the phone so i wasn't able to actually look at this used gun. I mean I dont know the resale value or how well these particular guns hold up over time. I would assume that "excellent" condition mean it hasn't been abused and fired a whole lot. Would I be better of buying the used or the brand new one?....I mean brand new i would be out the door for about $460 after tax and used about $350-360 after tax. Either way i have 480 bucks to play with.
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  2. Martin Rage

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    ****, I feel like i got robbed. Just got mine last month and I though at 425 I was getting a steal. I would get the used one. Oh and great choice btw, I love mine.

  3. Sober

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    Thanks Lcpl.....Yah Im kinda swayin back and forth...I never bought a used gun before so i dont know if its a good idea or not....But the gunstore that is selling these is a Nice place and there are always busy it seems. Every time i've been in there there were a bunch of people(not characteristic of most places here)... .They sell alot of old used rifles( the other day my buddy picked up an old winchester 30-30) and a bunch of new stuff as well and they seem to be really big on Benneli and Beretta . Says something like official something or other of Beretta on the wall (I cant remember exactly what it said). These guys really seemed to know there stuff too. Its not like someplaces where you walk in and there is some 19 year old behind the counter(these guys are all in there 40's and 50's and are VERY knowledgeable). When i called and asked him if they had metal or plastic guide rods he actually put me on hold went grabbed the gun and took the slide off and checked for me. So Im not really worried about the guys trying to pull one over on me and sell me a crap used gun but at the same time I really want something new also. Uggggghhh I just dont know
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    Get one, put the other on layaway ;)

    That way you have the brand-new one, and if something goes wonky with the used, you can look at both to tell what ;)

    But niether the new or used should give you many causes for pause. Darnfine pistol.
    If they are saying in Excellent Used, it is probably a lightly fired one, sold because someone ran outta money.
  5. neophyte

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    Sober: Sir; they are outstanding firearms. The price on either 9mm, .40 are the same, and now :) a .45
    Research the mess outta them; all comes back positive. New vs. used?? cannot help; except with a math question.
    for 1/4 more having a new one; or purchasing the 9mm; and putting the .40 on layaway; haha:) Same frame; same ''good'':)
  6. Sober

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    Well, I go up to the shop today(got butterflies in my stomach is this normal?) and pay for my new gun. Wish I has a ccw but i dont so i wont get it for 5 days. But I have no clue weather Ima go used or new. I guess it depends on how "used" the gun is and what all it comes with...But i seriously wouldn't be suprised if i just get the new one. I let yall know when I get home....Im so excited lol Its like im going out on a first date
  7. Martin Rage

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    Come on man buy used and use that extra 100 bucks to buy 300-400 rounds of 9mm to feed it!!!!
  8. triplebike

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    Sober, the Stoeger cougar series is probably the very best value currently available. In my neck of the woods (eastern Pa) they sell NIB for $369. I saw one used 8000 & it was $225. (went to pick up the used one a hour later & it was sold). I put over 2500 RDS through my 8000, (purchased new) not one failure of any kind. The gun had almost no sign of wear either. I recently picked up a used Stoeger 8045 & it's just as nice as the 9MM.

    One thing to look for on the used one, check to see if the guide rod is plastic or metal. The early released 8000 had a plastic rod, on the later ones the rod is metal.
  9. see if the used can be turned in for full price on the new one if you don't like it or have a problem with it.
  10. MosinRuger

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    Ive got a 9mm and its been great! im glad i got it. I got a new one for 379. but it was a special sale at a pretty big gun store here so i think they have some buying power and got a bunch of them for cheap. Not a single missfire yet , only about 500 rounds through it though. I would say to just check the used one over, compare them side by side if you can, which if not i would think twice about that dealer, and if it looks like it is lightly used, and in excelent condition, go for it. If the new one is just calling your name, get it. Think about it, long term whats 100 extra bucks?
  11. Sober

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    Well just got back from the gunshop......I bought the used one. Out the door for 361 after tax..he said if it doesn't work i can bring it back for a full refund but he said I shouldn't even worry about that. Looked this thing over and its looks brand new. Slide was nice and smooth and the decocker worked and everthing. It even has the extra mag, the case, the owners manual and the gun lock with it. Its also has a rubber hogue grip on it which personally I really like cause it fits my fingers prefectly. Honestly i went inthere ready to buy the brand new oine but seeing the condition of this "used" gun kind of shocked me....this guy must have bought it shot it like twice and put it back in the box and sold it back cause he needed money or something. Now comes the longest week of my life...wish a had a concealed carry permit....oh well
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  12. Martin Rage

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    Congrats!!! I have noticed that if you are use to a glock you might fire low and to the right because of how your hand fits. Me, my brother, and my father all shot low and to the right at first because we seated our finger to deeply on the trigger.
  13. Sober

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    Ill try to remember that..I have very long fingers so it will take some getting used too. With that grip on there though it fits REAL nice. Man I cant wait **** cooling off period....bahhhhh
  14. neophyte

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    Sober; Sir; follow up with :) pictures and range reports :)
  15. Sober

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    Well Everybody I finnaly picked up my was 361 out the door....its used but in VERY good shape slight wear on the barrel(the blueing) but there are barely any marks on the transfer bar so it not very used....who ever had this before took good care of her and i gave her a new home.. Oh and the rounds are just plain round nos cause im goin to the range in a couple days....I have a box of 20 hydra-shok but im not gonna load those until i actually carry my gun cause for home defense i have my shotty full up

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  16. neophyte

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    Sober: Sir, good deal. :)
    Thanks for sharing, and do some more pictures:)
  17. Martin Rage

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    Well done! Also make sure you put a few magazines of your self defense ammo through the gun to make sure it doesn't cause problems. Its expensive, but worth it.
  18. Sober

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    A couple mags of Hydra-shok=like 50 bucks I thinkg maybe ima swith defensive ammo then cause I cant afford that. Any suggestions on d-ammo cause that hydra-shok stuff is like 28 bucks for 20
  19. Cyrano

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    New York
    Sober, assuming you Cougar is a 9mm, check out the Hornady Critical Defense ammo. I can't speak to the 9mm Luger (don't own a gun in that caliber), but the .38 Special +P is wicked good stuff! Long story short, you get .357 Magnum-level performance out of a .38 Special round with it. That good enough for you?
  20. Sober

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    Well Just got back from the range today(sorry dont have the targets me and my buddies all used the same targets) She shot like a champ however about 50 rounds into it see started to have ftf's the ammo was catching on the feedramp....Noticed that it was doing this with Blazer Brass ammunition......switched over to Federal and NO problems whatsoever. So ima chalk it up to my gun doesn't like Blazer Brass. Has anyone else shot this ammo? My buddy says his glock jams up real bad when he shoot that stuff too.