Question about Rossi 410/22 youth combo set

Discussion in 'Specialty Forums' started by mikeirish, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. mikeirish

    mikeirish G&G Newbie

    The question is...... toughie, I know, but I have yet to find some one that actually knows the right answer, I get plenty of guesses....

    the Rossi 410 / 22 combo set is interchangeable barrels, and I am wondering if the 410 shotgun can handle the 410 shotgun slug type ammo.....

    in other words, if a slug is shot through it, will the barrel survive? or will it look like a banana being pealed back or will it just completely go to pieces?

    I hope that some one has an answer that they know is 100% sure. I have had people tell me that it should be OK to do, but when queried about it further, they really do not know.....


  2. cheapsandwich

    cheapsandwich G&G Newbie

    I recently bought one for my wife and we've shot 4 or 5 slug threw it. still shoots, still here. Have you look on rossi website?

  3. bigbuddy21

    bigbuddy21 G&G Evangelist

    depends if it is a modified choke or a full choke. if its a modified then you can if its a full then you can't.