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Question about the SKS

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OK, I bought my brother an SKS and I was wondering something. Is it possible to convert it so that I could use a magazine? It's currently attached. I'm sorry, I don't know a lot about the SKS. It's my brothers birthday pretty soon. He told me he'd love it if had a detachable mag. So I thought I'd see if it could be done. Can it? Thanks guys.
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Well thanks a lot for your posts there guys! I'll look into it, but my legality issues come into play a little more here in Canada. We'll see though, there might not be any need for it anyway. Thanks again. Wow, so friendly and quick to respond in this section! Nice to see. :)
Hmmm, well there you go, I checked into it and yeah, 5 round maximum limit on any rifle that shoots a caliber higher than a 22LR (minus the Garand and a select few others). Appearently the 22 doesn't have any limit at all. You could therfor have a belt fed 22 rifle and will still be legal! See how screwed up the CDN government is when it comes to these laws? Strange eh? That soon will be going away too I think. Anyway thanks again to all who posted, I think the 5 round attached clip will be acceptable for right now. Thanks again. Good info here, nothing like the great colaboration of many minds to come together and talk and gain knowledge! I love the internet. Thanks again all!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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