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    Hi everyone,

    I have a question for you all. Please answer it for me! here it is: Why do you shoot? I dont mean the obvious, but why shooting instead of another sport like football or baseball?
    Just wondering,
    Sure Shot:)

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Because I enjoy it , because it is our constitutional right, because WE are the militia and must be prepared at all times to protect ourselves from enemys foreign AND domestic!

  3. Chris

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    Well sad to say this, I havent shot a firearm in almost 2 and 1/2 years, not that I do not like them, just houses have been put up around my neighbor hood so much its crazy!

    Used to be able to use a Few MK-5's when you sa a rattle snake, now you better use a BB gun.

    I loved shooting because it forced me to relax, focus on only one thing, and Lord knows when I did shoot, I was in no shape to run! Also know, its harder for me to see, and focus, but now I just like to run.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    WHAT????? Chris you gotta be kidding me!!!! If anything go to the range at LEAST once a month. Thats what i promised myself to do and i'm sticking to it!
  5. Pumpkinheaver

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    I shoot because my entire familly shoots, I guess I was born into it. I shoot becasuse I choose to be able to put rounds on target with my home defense firearm. I shoot so that while hunting I can make a clean kill so the animal doesn't suffer. I shoot to vent frustrations from a hard day at work, etc, etc, etc.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Ditto bro, ditto!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    well me

    Well I use to do it bc it was fun but now that I've grown older(matured) and have really done some serious thinking on why we have guns, my responsibilities to myself and others and this nation. I do it mostly for practice now. I have just recently gotten into shooting seriously due to some new aquaintences and new inventory. I don't go much but the 4 or 5 times I will go this year will be more than I went in the last 3.
  8. Klaus

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    I DO engage in other activities. As to why I shoot, there are two major reasons. First- I like mechanical devices. Cameras, self winding watches, pendulum clocks, locks, guns, etc. Second- I believe in self defence and defending others. Firearms are excellent tools for that purpose. There are a few minor reasons, like the bang and impressive damage and pride in good groups.
  9. Doglips

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    Because Its cheeper than golf...anyone ever price a Big Berth driver..I got into shooting when I was 9 or 10 and my step-dad would take me plinking with a 22...I have very fond memories of thouse times. I always enjoyed it and even in the Marine Corps liked to take my wife and step-daughter out plinking. Like most people on this board...I see the world as a dangrous place filled with sick people So I also belive in keeping firearms around for home defense. This mainly comes from 10+ years in social work dealing with the scume of society and trying to "fix" them. Now days I often go to the range with my wife and two daughters (10 and 12) and we plink at cans..spining targets and paper targets. I find it relaxing and a good way to spend "quality" time with my family. Over the last year I have increased my firearms collection dramaticly...mainly since I found an outdoor range were I can shoot rifles and shotguns... The funny thing too me is that I dont have the urge..desire to shoot at ranges more than 100 yards.....kinda weird since All Marines qualifie at 200,300 and 500 yards/meters with Iron sites and as a sniper I had to qualafy at 1000 yards with a 10x scope. But Im happy at the plinking range...
  10. E-9

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    The reason I shoot is because I have done it all my life.. I went to 8th grade in a country one room school most of the boys took
    their rifles to school and the teacher put them in the closet and we picked them up from her when we left..... When I married my wife was a shooter,, before-in-and-after College and we both
    have chl,,,, so we shoot togather at least once a month and I often shoot more often. We are ,,,,, at least consider ourselves
    to be rifleman and riflewoman in the strict sence of the word. My
    father signed me in the service when I was 15 and when went for
    qualiciation they didn't teach me anything about bolt rifles... gas
    weapons ,,, thats was different. We love to shoot and will contilnue until death-do-us-part,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. I shot a little as a kid and teenager. But I also played footaball and other sports. Shooting was fun but I had lots of other things to do. In the Army I qualified or fired for familarization on a regular basis just about every U.S. infantry individual, crew served and direct support weapon we had. It was my job I "had" to. It wasn't until after I had been out for a few years that I realized that I missed it so much.

    It's just fun, an individual challenge. I don't care how I compare to the guy next to me. I don't care how others on this board shoot in comparison to me. The trick is to shoot a little bit better this time than I did last time. If I do I'm happy, if not I'm pissed.

    It's relaxing, a challenge, it's fun and it's frustrating. What more can you ask for.
  12. I shoot because it's the only thing i've found that relaxes me, even though i don't shoot very well, i still enjoy it, i mean come on, is there anything more stress relieving than cutting loose with an AK-47 not really caring if you hit the target with any accuracy?
    of course not!! :D
    And the second reason would have to be that, MY guns, in MY hands is what's gonna protect me and my loved ones from all enemies, foreign and domestic, especially DOMESTIC!!!
    I mean come on, look at my username and avatar!:D :assult:
  13. Mon Bathan

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    As a hobby... it enables me to unwind, releasing off tensions from work or from any busy day. It also enables me to be fulfilled everytime I accomplish simple groupings, it makes me feel accomplished knowing that I am slowly honing my skills.

    As a means to protect myself and my family... it is basic! It worth to be ready at all times considering the drastic changes brought about by imbalances in the society. I'd rather shoot someone and face its consequences rather than be sorry for the rest of my life for not being able to protect my love ones.

    As part of my profession... people may not always understand the decisions I make for my company that affects their employment or welfare. In the process they tend to threathen me for doing so. In return you cannot help but be ready all the time.

    As a whole... it's fun and it gives you higher sense of personal security and protection.

  14. Stock Doc

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    I love to put a small hole next to a few others at a few hundred yards. Shows good control unlike many anti-gunners. I love to hunt instead of processed food that is killed in humanly and filled with steroids and who knows what else.
    One other thing many forget is that as a U.S. citizen it is you're constitutional right and you are to be armed incase our Armed forces are away and our homeland is attacked. This is where the Civilian Marksmanship has evolved from. Britain had great gun control in the 30's and then Germany attacked which caused them to send letters to us Americans for weapons. Many folks sent there hunting rifles and pistols beside our own government making many different guns for them. They were absolutely helpless when attacked which is exactly what is going to happen here if you allow gun control. You say it wont happen? Think again and look around at the laws that have changed in the last 20 years.
  15. Calvin

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    I pretty much read about shooting as a kid. My Dad didn't like to shoot much, if at all. My first experience shooting was at age 9 with a .410 single-shot. I loved that shotgun, and I remeber shooting 2 boxes of ammo on my Grandfathers' farm before my shoulder got sore. My uncle worked at a printing company called R&R Donnely, and used to bring me about 30 Gun World magazines a week when I spent the summers with them in Kentucky.
    Up to the time I was of legal age to buy a firearm, I used to shoot with anyone who asked me to, and really found myself attracted to the sport. At age 16, I shot with a Vietnam veteran who taught me the real nuts-and-bolts of shooting, and why it was very prudent to own a firearm. He taught me that you cannot depend on anyone else to fight for you, and that God would forgive you for shooting someone who tried to kill you first. He went with me on my first firearm purchase to make sure I bought the rifle best suited to me. He had me pick out an AR-15, and helped me negotiate the price. I ended up with the AR, plus 6 30-round mags, a case, 500 rounds of ammo, bipod, a complete cleaning kit, and a Colt scope for the AR. Since 18, I've never looked back. I buy what I can, when I can, and teach anyone who asks about gun safety. I owe it all to the greatest friend I ever had, and he is most sorely missed.
    That's why I shoot.......
  16. Shaun

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    Are there other sports out there that don't involve shooting? I thought that was the only sport during the off season from hunting I work on honing my skills by shooting every week. During hunting season I am putting meat on the tabel for the year. I do follow Nascar big time and those are about the only sports facilities that I ever attend.

    Football and baseball and basket ball too me are just a glorification of overpaid, greedy, former college students who have iq's less than my dog, or for a bunch of thugs.

    I have heard about golf but I thought that was for the people who think they are better than everyone else. Plus they won't let me on the golf range with my golf ball launcher.

    Plus as everyone said above it is my constitutional right to own and shoot my firearms. And we never know when we will have to come to the defense of our families or our country.

    Shooting is also a sport that is easy for one person to do and to enjoy which does not require a team or another person around to even participate
  17. I agree with Shaun. In my own words--self preservation.
  18. Eric

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    My Dad is a Gunsmith, FFL holder and collector. Since I could walk I've been going to the Range with him, helping him reload, and going hunting. When I was five I would sit beside my dad deer Hunting with a .22 lever action...I thought I was the sheewatay. Of course he never shot a deer when I was with him, something about sitting still. But anyway, it's been a natural part of my entire life. When I got older I started doing gunsmith work (built my first CAR-15 when I was 13 years old), my brother was in charge of the bluing tanks, etc. just natural I reckon...Good Shooting! Eric

    I also do different things too. I'm in the Army and also a Skydiving Instructor with over 2,300 jumps.
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  19. WOW!!! Some excellent responses I've just read.I am also an avid shooter,for fun and competition and defense.Especially for my family and OUR country,AMERICA.Baseball,football,basketball,ect.,ect are and is a business.MONEY.But,to be able to own weapon and have OUR constitution's 2nd an honor and privilage.My favorite team is us,AMERICA!!! SEMPER FI:usa:
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    My first gun was a stevens crack shot given to me for X-mas when I was 5. My Dad tought me how to shoot as his did for him
    Grampa learned to shoot from his dad who learned in WWI.
    Its been a family tradition from as far back as I know of.
    I enjoy it, It makes me slow down. it also lets me clear my head for a short time. Its not cheaper than golf, at least it hasn't been for me but then again I think I shot more golf balls than I even hit down the fairway.