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    Any idea what the impact on Ruger and Smith & Wesson might be based on the outcome of the elections?

    If/when either democrat wins, it will probably become harder to buy guns, some guns will be banned, and lawsuits against gun makers will run rampant again. Do you think there might be a spike in gun sales prior to January? would be open season on the gun companies shortly after.

    If McCain wins things should stay about where they are. This could ease the fears of pending lawsuits?
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    If it's looking like it might be close, I'd buy gun and ammo stock now and sell right before they get in. If the (IMHO) evil o or evil h get into office, I think people will be stocking up before the inevitable ban attempts.

    The lawsuits are already illegal.

    But either dem will try every avenue to ban guns and ammo. This will include hazmat, lead, microstamping, registering ammo, taxing ammo, etc. Look at kalifornia if you want to see the lead turn of the wackiness.

    The climate will probably stay neutral with McCain.
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    Hillary already made the brag that she'll bring back Bill's gun ban with a vengence, expanding it to include even more firearms. Obama has tried to sneak under the radar, but will surely follow suit, if elected. I for one, don't look forward to it, if either one gets elected.
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    There is only one way to deal with tyrants and oppressors. And it isn't taking them to lunch and talking things over cordially.