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  1. I've noticed that cleaning rods on some of my older military type bolt actions are either half the length of the barrel or just barely long enough to clear the end of the barrel.

    Obviously, the slotted end is for a cleaning patch but the threaded end is for a handle, I assume.

    What did they use for a handle? And if the handle wasn't with the gun what good did the cleaning rod serve?

    I've also seen sites that sold 'authentic' cleaning kits for these guns and they have a weighted heavy cord to drop into the barrel and pull out.

    So, why the cleaning rod at all?
  2. PAPA G

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    good question. i think some used a combo tool/handle that was carried in the soldiers kit bag.

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    The big slotted end on my swedish mauser wouldnt fit down my barrel. I found out it WAS the handle for cleaning the barrel, and that end(the large slotted end) was only used for cleaning the chamber. On most old military rifles there is a kit that is used in addition to the cleaning rod sticking out the end of the stock. As for the weighted strings, not all countries used these as the grunt carrying them would/could send a mud laden string down the barrel actually making it worse than the fouled bore. It was thought it would be easier,lighter, quicker, and probably smaller than the normal rod is to carry. However it tended to pick up too much foreign debris(or was easy to lose). This is also a problem with the "boresnake" of today that everyone raves about. I'll stick to a rod to clean my peashooters. Hope this helps?
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    what is the problem with boresnake??? haven't read any downside of them.
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    I remember reading somewhere that with the Mausers that two soldiers cleaning rods were put together to make it long enough to clean the rifle but I am not sure if this is actually the case. If it is true the bore snake could be used in the event you didn't have another rod to screw into or if your rod got lost or damaged. Just a thought.
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    There was usually a squad-sized cleaning kit issued to infantry units to share, and it had all of the elusive brushes, handles, jags and stuff.
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    I like the bore snake, but I still go thru with all the solvents about every other time.
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    What's the best way to clean a bore snake? I think someone's posted it on here before.
  9. a lot of the reason for the short cleaning rods is that the men in the unit would attach them together, as they cleaned their rifles they'd pass around the complete rod.
    As for the bore snake, i have one and really like it, i just keep it in an old sock to keep from losing it, and getting foreign material on it.