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Hello. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a marked improvement in the the shot-to-shot uniformity in Remington's GS ammo?

When the stuff first came out, I tried it in .357 magnum, 9mm, and .45 auto.
Extreme spreads of over 100 ft/sec for perhaps 3 shots out of 10 were common in all three and when different lot numbers were used.

That put me off of it for a few years.

Recently, I chronographed a couple of different lot numbers in .45 ACP using their 230 gr bullet and in 9mm +P with their 124-gr and results were considerably better.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?


I've experienced that with other brands

where the accuracy improved over time...I don't have a chronograph so I don't know about the velocities :target:

I'm sure the HRT's adoption didn't hurt

btw Hello...I think it has alot to do with how well it's received in the civilian market...if no one had bought digital watches, calculators, microwave ovens and computers they would be hideously expensive if they were even available anymore..

look at all the calibers that came and went since the .40 S&W became available...there are an awful lot..but very few are still around..even the 10mm would have died out if it wasn't for a strong and loyal cult following much like the .41 magnum has always had
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