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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JUSTAGUY, May 7, 2002.


    JUSTAGUY G&G Newbie

    Hope you guys don't mind but I'm here to ASK a question of anyone who OWNS a TUARUS .357.

    I'm looking at a 2", s.s., 5-shooter.

    Guy at the gun shop tried to sway me toward a Ruger. Do they offer a lifetime warrenty on their products?

    Would like to know about TAURUS "fit and finish", how the action performs, triger weight and what ever else you can tell me.

  2. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    Sounds like the model 605. I like Taurus. I like Ruger. I like the heck out of Rossi...Especially if you are on a budget (Taurus bought Rossi several years ago).
    The 605 is covered by Taurus' Lifetime Guarantee.
    Which is probably their strongest selling point.
    I heard somebody say that a 2 inch wasn't very magnum, but there was nothing special about a 2 inch .38 (I thought it was funny).
    The 605 will fit almost any holster that was made for a J Frame.

  3. I've got a Taurus 605 that is my backup CCW revolver. :)

    It's the 2" stainless 5 shooter as said above. I like it's smallness and the light weight though there is titaniums to pick from I like knowing steel is there.

    My main carry just so you know is the 4" Taurus Model 608 8shot .357 which I carry in a right side pancake holster. Love it even more. Got ring loaders from them from .