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Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by Tracer, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Tracer

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    1, why do they not give the last parts of serial numbers 1234xxxx ?
    2, why do they refer to themseves in their articles as the author?
    3, why do they say they are doing a review, when it reads like an endorsement? what say you?
  2. 1. For security reasons I would imagine
    2. I was under the idea that the authors were the ones refering to themselves as the author....if it is the magazine editors then it seems like a case of admin speak and easier to do that say names.
    3. It was explained to me once that they won't poison the market with a bad review if it can be avoided, word of mouth gets that done quickly enough and would much much rather prefer to talk about a product they love. An example, would be a Ford person beging asked to review a Chevy vehical. In the group of people reading gun rags most prefer good news, or sadly only like their own actions and purchases justified....thats as close to that issue as I will go.

    I love reading from some of them, but would like to see an influx of qualified younger writers to be partnered with the older seasoned ones who can tell a story that leaves you laughing or crying as the case might be.

  3. stinkybriches

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    you make a good point. ive never read a negative review about a gun in a magazine. the author of this post finds it difficult to believe that all the gun rag writers have never reviewed a gun they didnt like, with crappy triggers, gritty bolts, and poor accuracy.
  4. One word answer to answer all the above questions......MONEY
  5. thoricuncle

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    1. If you put in the full serial number, someone could report your gun as stolen.
    2. Third person sounds more official.
    3. I agree, not to sound like an endorsement myself but there is a magazine called "Gun Tests" that I like. It's printed on very cheap paper and it is more of a pamphlet than a magazine, but they don't accept advertising. However, they grade guns A-F and there are quite a few guns in the C-F category.
  6. Tracer

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    I shall check out gun tests thank you. the security thing on the whole serial number is what i always thought too. but gun broker and lots of other places dont even seem to care.
  7. Palladin8

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    while not a gun magazine I did read an article in a Motorcycle magazine several years ago that so outraged the major helmet manufactures that they pulled all their ads from the magazine. The article proved that the expensive helmets offered you no more protection than the budget helmets. I do believe some at the magazine were fired over it and in the next issue a little article of damage control was written up. Seems when someone writes an honest article and publishes their findings people get upset and the magazine loses it's advertisement dollars.
  8. samuel

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    Some of the shooting reviews are done in the "author,s" office/living room.Of course they aren't going to give the truth if it goes against the product.They don't make much money and have to depend on FFGrs, to donate guns and ammo to write about.If they post pictures I believe they probably were at a range.(maybe)
  9. Speaking of gun and hunting magazines both, I have grown very skeptical of the continual hunting articles reporting the animal has been taken at 400 or 500 yds. And similar extreme claims.

    Who was there to see it? Where's the objective judge? The author-hunter and the guide are the only ones who know, and the guide is certainly not going to undercut the author.

    They can cook up or claim anything. Maybe the author lost his nerve and the guide actually picked up the rifle and shot the game animal. We will never know.

    The American Rifleman sometimes reports negatively about guns. In a cover article a few months ago, the magazine reviewed about 8 or 9 .380 automatic pistols. The magazine was honest in reporting that only two of the nine were free of jamming. The magazine also reported that two or three jammed so continually they could not be recommended.
  10. ChaZam

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    As mentioned above Gun Tests the consumer resource for the serious shooter. is one that might interest some of you men and women. It is similar in nature to Consumer Reports magazine and they certainly do give negative evaluations from time to time.

    Seems a lot of the main stream gun magazines are now getting their advertising revenue from sources such as cigar importers, pharmaceutical companies, male enhancement products, etc. So it is eveident that their primary focus is not the shooting sports anymore.
  11. Tracer

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    that is one of my other pet peeves about the rags, they will hoar out to any quack advertiser there is.oh well i don't have any subscriptions anymore other than the american rifleman of course.
  12. Gun magazines

    The history of gun magazines is not a history of objective reporting.
    Ultimately, they need good relationships with those who advertise in their magazines.

    It is the same thing with a construction equipment magazine to which I subscribe. Good relationships must be maintained with those who advertise in the magazines.

    That is a reality making forums such as this important. You can get real life experiences in the postings.