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    im interested in getting a mosin nagant. but i dont know much about them. are there certain types to look for and certain ones to avoid? i'm just lookin for a cheap shooter. whats the difference in the 91/30, m44, and m38? those are the most common right?
  2. All Mosins are on pretty much the same actions. The differences being mainly in small updates. The most noticeable difference in the receivers is there is a round receiver, which is what you'll find from 1930 (I believe it was 1930, I know it was right around there) and up, then the "hex" receiver which is hexagonal at the chamber area. The hex's are from the begining of the Mosins up until being replaced by the round receiver. Because of this, there really isn't a model to avoid, so just buy them all! lol The most popular three are the 91/30, M44, and M38, yes. The M38 and M44 are carbines while the 91/30 is a regular full length rifle. The difference in the M38 and M44 is that the M44 has an attached, side folding, spike style, bayonet and the M38 does not have any attached bayonet. Their barrels are the same length also. I personally like my 91/30 best, just cause I got it first of the three. They are all good rifles, especialy for the money. They are very dependable and can take a serious beating, which alot of them have. lol They are easy to use, and surprisingly accurate when there age and intended purposes are considered. A few ones to look for, if it's a 91/30 an ex sniper, or a converted Dragoon. The ex-sniper will have a couple holes tapped out in the side of the receiver, opposite of the bolt handles. There are other people on here that will be better at explaining what to look for on an ex sniper. As for the converted Dragoon, if it's a 91/30 with an hex receiver, it's a converted dragoon. The other ones that seem pretty hot are the M39's, 91/59's, and Polish M-44's. Also the the older Mosins such as M91's, 91/07's, 91/10's ect. are getting harder to find too. Last thing kinda as a foot note, the Russian Mosins that where made at the Tula Arsenal seem to be more desirable than the ones from Izhevsk Arsenal. Tula's stamp was a five point star with an arrow in the middle, and Izhevsk's was a bow and arrow in the earlier years, then a triangle with an arrow in the middle in the later years. You should have a look at SwedeSteve's sticky, "Mosin Model Identification" to learn more on identifying the various models. Other info that I may have not mentioned, I'm sure some one will cover. Hope this helps.
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    good job sean
    I would add for him to reead the stickies at the top of forum:)
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  5. Best advice: if you are married or have a girlfriend then buy jewelry first so they will allow you buy a multitude of MN's because once you become infected with Mosinitis....
  6. Well, two things...One, thabks guys, thought I covered it pretty well. lol And two, forgot to mention that commonly, the Mosins with a lamintated stock tend to fetch a higher price then ones with a regular hard wood stock. I'm guessin that's due to the rareity, or possibly because some folks find them to be a bit nicer looking. I personaly like the old battle axe look. lol Just all rough and ready!
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    Great! LMAO! That is a good one!
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    I suppose it depends on what part of the country your in too as far as what rifle is available? The past two years I've been interested in them (bought two) it seems like the M44 is all over, with the 91/30 behind it and I have never seen the M38 up here yet (Minnesota).

    I love my M44 due to the carbine feel. I took the bayo off though. I've heard the 91/30 will be more accurate (long distance) due to the long barrel? I'm still testing mine out.


    91/30 on left M44 on right
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    Killer- Have you sighted that M44 in yet?
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    thanks. i'll be lookin at the next gun show i go to. there isnt one close until october though. there's always a table set up there with a bunch of mosins and mausers. i bought a mauser last year. seems logical to go ahead and get a mosin too. theres a show in indianapolis the last week in may though i think i'm gonna try to get up there. a bit of a drive though. i never paid attention to the mosins because i thought they were junk. but all the good things i've read on here about them have made me think otherwise. what kind of price should i expect to pay. at the show in sharonville they usually run about 70 or 80. so is anything under about 100 an okay price for just a shooter (not a numbers matching collector or anything)?

    oh and the G.F. just got a new ring this past christmas. do you all think that one still holds enough value to her or do i have to buy another one? does the jewelry thing reset on january 1st every year or does it go for a year from the date it was given? or does it all depend on how much the jewelry cost and how much what i want costs? im young. i havnt learned all the rules yet. well what if i just sneak it in the cabinet. she hasnt seen all my guns. i dont think she'll know the difference any way. or do they ALWAYS know?
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    Anything under $100 is a good buy me thinks. Just check the bores and buy the best looking one.
    The bling-bling only lasts until you buy another Mosin!
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    I have a 72 hour rule for the past 30 years with my wife. If it enters the house and she becomes aware of it within 72 hours and I get quizzed, I confess. If it is past 72 hours, "I've had that piece of junk for years, I just took it out of the safe to clean for cripes sake."


    I just tried the 1954 heavy ball which peaked my interest. This is an extremely short distance of 30 yards but nonetheless it should hold together better than the other stuff I've tried.

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