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  1. I need to add to my collection and try something other than a Mosin. The dealers here have a lot of the Turkish mausers ranging from $79 to about $150. My last mauser was a German with a laminated stock and I still kick myself for selling it. Any way, I know nothing of the Turks. What should I look for or avoid? How does their quality compare to say a kar98k? I have read some horror stories about the ones that were rechambered in about 1938. I'd appreciate you guys helping me to find a good one. :nod:
  2. I highly recomennd the Turk. For the money your going to have a lot of fun. I own a Yugo and a Turk and when I got the Turk I was like "oh sh it , why did I buy this?!" But after really cleaning it up it is one of my favorite rifles. They are very accurate since they are a long gun. Make sure you get one of the ones for about $80. Thats about how much mine cost. My bore was dark, but it was not pitted, I used regular Hoppes #9 overnight, then I used Sweets 7.62 cleaner. I got the bore to look like a mirror. Tha action is as smooth as butter. I was very impressed with it. On the Yugo, the action is more "choppy" if you know what I mean. I would go for it. The ammo is cheap, I shoot nothing but the Turk surplus. Make sure if you do use that ammo to immediatly clean the weopan after your shooting session to neutralize the corrosive ammo. I use ammonia water. Any other questions you have I will be happy to answer.

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  3. Thanks Itcboy. I have checked out the action on a few and they are great. So in other words you are telling me to quit thinking about it and do it?? I know I loved my kar98 with handloads. Just wondered if the Turk could be as accurate and could stand some of the higher pressure loads that a good quality German mauser can. I got all the Hoppes and Sweets and since I shoot the milsurp in the Mosins and SKS I know about the corrosive stuff. One other question that may sound dumb. I know that the later mausers used a .323 bullet and the earlier ones were .318. Are all the Turks the later .323? (JS round)
  4. I really dont know the answer to this. I believe that they are the later because the earlier were used in machine guns and I read that its not recomended to use that ammo in a regular Mauser because the ammo is to hot and could cause a comprimise in the saftey of the weapon. Dont hold me to that. I am about 75% positive on this.
  5. Well, I got about 3 hours overtime in this week so its off to the gun store tomorrow. I think you are right about the ammo. Like I said, it was a dumb question but just wanted to check since I've never owned a Turk. Any special markings on the barrel that may mean anything? This could be a major change in my life. A caliber that doesn't start with 7.62!
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    For the price, I think the quality of the Turks is very good. With purchase prices of $40 on up, it's difficult to go wrong. The low priced "good" condition Turks can look pretty hideous at first, but they tend to clean up well and shoot just fine. The pistol grip stock with sling swivels where you'd expect them is a plus in my mind.
    They have fairly heavy barrels (heavier than a Mosin 91/30). Mausers are much more sensitive to chamber wear and bolt swapping in the area of headspace than Mosins, so I'd be sure to check the headspace prior to firing. From my experience, the firing pin springs are weak/worn in some of the Turks. If you experience misfires (with surplus ammo) try swapping the spring.
    I'd favor the rifles marked "ANKARA" (for Ankara, Turkey) and "K*KALE" (for the Kirakale plant) produced during the 1939-1944 timeframe. As far as I know, they are all chambered for the later .323 caliber. I favor this set of rifles simply because they are all that I have owned, and from the experience of handling one in a shop that was not a K*KALE (a real sloppy mess of a Mauser ). My experience is limited, though, and I could simply be ignorant of other fine Turks manufactured or remanufactured during this time frame.
    Another opinion of mine is that these are fine rifles which, for the most part, were not well cared for. I have one that has a barrel which shows very little wear in the throat and barrel from firing, but which has a badly worn muzzle area from aggressive (negligent) cleaning habits and a beat up crown (so, I gave her a fresh crown).
    I think that you will be pleased with your new Turk Mauser. If not......I'll take it !
    Best Wishes.