Questions and Advise on a Walther P38

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    Hello everyone I am new to this site and forum. I just recently aquired my first handgun, a P38 pistol, holster and magazine clip that I purchased for $300.00 from a friend who inherited a gun collection. Of all the handguns he showed me the P38 appealed to me the most. It's so cool looking and it fits my grip very well. I would like to know the significance of it's markings, year of production and a little of the history on these guns. On the back side of the holster in the upper left is stamped " ddk 42 ", between the belt loops are couple of unidentifiable symbols and the letter " G ", on the upper right is stamped "P.38". On the magazine clip is P38, and on the slide of the pistol has " P38 cyq 1597 m ", opposite side has two symbols of an eagle, one having what looks like the number " 88 " undernieth, and the other having a swastikas undernieth, also what looks like the number " 88 " by itself. On the frame above the trigger is " 1597 m " and what looks like the number " 88 " above it an unidentifiable symbol. The front of the barrel where inserted into the slide and frame is marked " 1597 m ". I would aslo like to know if this is a true P38 or P1 and if it's worth the money I spent, If so or not what is it's fair market value ? A friend of mine who looked at it thinks it might be a WW2 trophy and suggested not to fire this gun because it's parts might be irreplaceable. I have not yet fired this gun, should I ? Are there any recomendations on a owners or intructional manuals ?
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    Your P38 worth a lot more than $300. Here is a website that will help you find out more about it.
    P38 Guns

    Yours is a Spreewerk and it rather rare I believe.P38Guns

    I personally would never fire the gun until you have checked for wear and tear broken pieces etc.
    Buy another gun for plinking though. You have a collector's piece. It's value will only increase providing it is in good shape and stays that way. The best way keep it in good condition is not to shoot it of course or twice is fine just to say you know what a fine gun feels like and tell others how great it shoots. Then clean it up good and showcase it if it's in realy nice shape.
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