Questions from a new M1A1 owner.

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    I recently purchased a new super match (great deal too-1500$)
    has a 3rd generation sprinfield scope mount.

    I have a list of questions for those of you that know--

    What is a good mil dot scope for the m1a1 to push out to around 1,000 yards? (buget around $400)

    Variable vs fixed power scopes? your thoughts

    Optimal power of magnification? 9x too low for me. Im thinking 14x atleast

    Lighted reticles? pro of con?

    Bipods? harris, versi pod? your thoughts?

    Ammo? match grade and buys on each? guys hunt with your m1a1's? any good hunting loads in .308 you like?

    OK... as a new owner...any recommendations for conditioning the rifle..breaking it in? What do i need to do to it out of the box before i go to a competition shoot to get it ready? I was told by a dealer that you have to play with them a bit to get them accurized. Does that apply to super matches or just standards?

    What exactly is the difference between a super match and a national match?

    Lastly...what is the maximum range you engage targets at reliably? Im hoping to shoot MOA at 800 yards but understand that there is some argument about the effectiveness at that range and longer. Some claim to have made shots at 1200 with the right ammo. What is your experience on accuracy and distance?

    Also...any brass deflectors that fit to the m14? one of the draw backs about semi-auto sniper rifles is the brass flying to give away position. Anyone know of a device that catches brass? If there isnt one...maybe its an idea worth developing. Snipers love the bolt actions but if you ask me... a quick follow up shot is worth having a self loader.
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