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    I appreciate the knowledge and experience here. I have a few firearms that I dont use much anymore, so im considering selling them to buy something that is more practical for me.

    so, I got a ruger mkIII 22/45 target model, very good condition, in the original box with original scope rail and everything, 2 ruger mags and 1 pro mag(cheap junk). once the mark 4 came out no one wanted the mk III so ive just held onto it, its a very accurate gun, i just dont really target shoot like that anymore, plus i have several other .22's. i think i paid just under $400 new. so anyways with the gun buying spree america seems to be on i wonder if now is a better time to consider selling? i wouldnt take less than $250 for it but would prefer more like $350. I dont know if the current market will justify that or not.
    this is similar, but mine actually has nicer cherry wood grips.

    I also have an an old marlin 25m bolt action . 22mag rifle. could magazines for it. sometimes it doesnt like to extract the spent cartridge. good condition if not great.
    I paid $150 for it, would like to get that or more. i put a bushnell 3-9x40 on it. also could include 200 rounds of .22mag for an additional $50. ( $12.50 for a box of 50 seems reasonable)

    mine looks like its in better shape than this one.

    I want to get a ruger sr9. I have an sr9c and would like the full size version that would share some of the larger mags. same ergos and manual of arms, holsters, etc. no its not a glock, but they are rock solid and accurate for me. i see them on bungroker for $ 300 ish, people seem to not like them, which is fine with me!

    so, it seems like i could at least get enough from selling the two to cover the sr9 plus some.

    I've got a ton of 9mm and right now the sr9c is the only 9mm pistol i have. i would like a full sized 9mm, and for the reasons above want to stick with the SR9 line.
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    I had an SR9 for a few years. It was shockingly accurate and worked every time. I liked it.

    Mk 3's, like you said, aren't bringing a premium. But you're in a sellers market and should be able to sell it relatively quickly.
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  3. I picked up an SR9 not that long ago, very reliable though not my favorite 9 (that title goes to my Springfield XDm 5.25). It is also shares a common magazine with the Ruger PC9 Carbine which might be a good selling point for those who aren't Glock fans (that's the main reason I picked up an SR9 ~ To go with the Carbine).
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    i think maybe ill take em down to the nearest gun shop and see what they will do as far as consignment. or maybe list it online and go through a ffl. i'd prefer local.

    the problem im finding is there isnt that many sr9's for sale, and even they( i say that because they are getting older at this point and dont get the best reputation, for whatever reason) are going for alittle more than i was thinking.
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    been sleeping on it for a few weeks now, Im definitely going to explore selling a few things. the ruger mkIII and marlin 22m as listed above. I feel confident that that should net approx $350 that would allow me to get the fill size 9mm.

    for now im going to see if i can get what i want from the two rimfires and go from there. I may consider selling my sigp238 as well, we'll see.
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    I have had good results putting my safe queens on consignment at my LGS. some sold quick, some took weeks. you have to be patient. do your research and find out the actual value of what you are selling. remember the store gets a cut. my guy asks what I want for it then tacks on what he gets. as far as what sells, currently its modern self defense/combat guns. the panic buyers aren't interested in collector or specialty guns. although I did sell some, they took months before the right buyer came in. putting them on consignment makes it easier then answering a bunch of calls from curious people who never really intended to buy, scammers, and possibly getting ripped off or selling to a prohibited person. a lot more people will see your gun in person. I know for me, reading about a gun is interesting but when I can handle it, I would be more likely to buy if it was what I wanted. I'm not sure whether consigning them in a big or little gun store is better. a big store probably has enough inventory that they have money tied up in that they might not be interested in selling yours. but they may have more walk in customers. my LGS is actually a tackle shop and the only place that sells guns for 30 miles. he can't afford a huge inventory and welcomes anything that will fill his counter space or racks. also with less other guns to look at, a panic buyer will have more chance to choose yours. good luck
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    For your MKIII 22/45, since you mentioned the cherry grips, if yours is the replaceable grip model then you should be able to get very close to your $350.00 goal. Also, make sure you mention the replaceable grip feature, if that is the case, when you list it for sale.
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    Mosin? There is no better time (probably in the history of the world) to be selling firearms. That is, if you really don't need them, because you sure as heck don't want to run into a scenario where you would have to replace it right now.
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    ^ yes! I forgot to mention this! once your gun is put on consignment, if you decide you don't want to sell it, to get it back you have to go through all the paperwork just like you were buying it!
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    interesting, hadn't heard of that. i wonder if dealers will charge the same as they would when you buy the firearm, i suppose it comes down to the owner..

    there are a few online firearm listing sites, I wanted to avoid that, but, maybe its best to use an in state one, and then just meet the purchaser at a ffl to complete the sale.
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    It's a non-issue if your firearms sell. However if after a month or 2 the dealer wasn't able to get what you wanted for it and you opted to get it back, then you would be obligated to fill out a 4473 and go through a background check to get it back. If you have a good working relationship with the FFL or if they sold a few other firearms for you that they made a commission off of they might not charge you to do that, but they certainly could. That would be a good question to ask them before you consigned your firearms with them.
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