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    5 years ago or so, I won a Fluke meter from a local supply house. Happy day!

    Started using it immediately even though my old meter (also a Fluke) had no problems.

    I got assigned a boatload of first time maintenances and was checking everything- voltage, continuity, amps, etc. Found a surprising number of bad capacitors. Seemed like all the smaller tonnage blower motors had bad caps.

    This went on for a couple days until I pulled the old meter out to compare readings.

    About kicked myself when I found out the new Fluke didn’t measure capacitance below 10 mf. In 15 years in the field I’d never seen a meter with that sort of limit.

    Anyhow, I brought that snafu up to the guys at the supply house and they started laughing. Several other techs had experienced the same thing and that’s why they were using those meters in the contest.

    Dirty rotten scoundrels. LOL
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  2. Jaison

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    Lance, does that thing give you real time cell phone updates on SH and SC?

    What a great tool for adjusting TXVs in walk-ins!
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    Jaison that Testo is only $220. Ii would think much more if I didnt see the price. It comes with both temp clamps alone. I have seen similar ones and they constantly keep real time whatever S/H it is or S/C. Nice you can have that up top on the condenser unit and checking down at the cooler or freezer. May have to walk out of walkin to get Phone signal though I imagine. Nice piece of equipment.
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    It looks like it does everything my SMAN's did and then some. Man I was paying $400+ for the Fieldpiece and they would bleed over and screw up my low side readings so they'd get sent it to the tune of another $150 for seals every year. Tired of it!

    Fieldpiece has neat stuff, but the dependability is suspect on the gauges and their laser themometers. Their refrigerant scale is the BOMB though, love it. The digital psych and the digital manometers as well.
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    Ach! Imagine being able to adjust a TXV without having to go back to the condenser time and again.

    We have a big plasma bank customer who has a lot of walk-ins with roof top condensers.

    Climb the ladder, climb down the ladder, adjust the TXV, climb the ladder...

    What a great thing. I need to spend some time in 2020, instead of 2007.
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    Thanks again folks — the system is up and running well. It’s a legacy r22 system but the plan is to fly to fail and then replace down the road due to the r22 thing. And it’s working great after the fix. But that might be years down the road and PA usually isn’t way hot so we can always open windows for awhile when it comes to that point. Problem is mom, rest her soul, didn’t like the view being blocked by screens so they went into some black hole somewhere and I’ve had to go out and buy a couple for the upstairs windows for the times we want to open them.

    I was kind of wincing when the PA system went out after paying a fair bit in TX for someone to come out and add some sealant and r410 but this fix in PA turned out very well. If it’s not hard to buy r410 it might be worth it to invest in a meter for that unit in TX and work on it myself because the service call was way expensive for what they did (and things are inevitably going to get tighter for everyone as the National hoo-haw keeps going on). Not real interested in doing the heavy work like plumbing, soldering, and replacing copper, compressors, expansion valves, evaporators and the like but for the price of the last TX service call I’ll bet I could get a decent meter, r410, capacitors, and the sealant they used. (It’s also given me some time to think about that engineering degree I got years ago; perhaps if things continue to crater in the commercial flying business it might be worth it to pursue a different career path and look at perhaps getting into power systems engineering kind of in line with what I did at school. Then again there’s no shortage of manual work at the farm and cabin and it’s been a fantastic summer).

    I’m very grateful for all the help and insight — for a little over 10 bucks and some time with a screwdriver we’re up and running here !
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    You need an EPA cert to buy a tank of refrigerant JJ, but I can probably make a call to a supplier close to you and put it on will call if you want.

    And I know you think that guy charged you a lot, and he may have I don't know... but just keep in mind we're only busy 5-6 months out of the year and we make about 75% of our yearly income between May and October.

    Our average service call is about $500 out here and I hear that's low compared to some places. It's got to pay for the truck, shop, and insurance in April when nobody loves us. :)
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    Look and see if you have a Goodman Mfg branch close to you, you can go pick up what you need on my account.
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    J.J. I would run the PA. unit as long as you can. I have seen R22 units run over 20 years. The new R410A systems are nice and more efficient but the one unit in PA. should last awhile being used only now and then. I have installed new R410A split systems and also commercial rooftop package units. I have never seen so many leaks on these units. Its higher pressure than R-22 but the main thing is what I find is thinner aluminum and copper. Most of the metals for construction come from overseas. It is alot thinner than older R-22 systems. Most of the evaporator coils in the new ones are all aluminum and a different design. I have seen A-coils in the air handlers with multiple tiny leaks and still under warranty. I have changed out many. Also evaporator and huge condenser coils on rooftop self contained package units. Several were still warranty and had to rent a crane to hoist and set them into the unit. One example was the owner of the past company I worked for. He bought two new R410A split systems for his house and his secretary bought one also on same purchase. All three sprung leaks in the evaporators. Was within warranty and I had to replace all three. I have an R-22 unit and that is why I am not in a hurry to replace it.
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    + 10
    The old GE R22 unit that was replaced at my house just a few months ago was made in 1976. I would bet that the replacement unit made by York will not work that many years. LOL
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    Freakin' micro-channel coils SUCK. On the twin-packs I have started over sizing everything at least a half ton, I just don't seem to get the splits I like especially if the static is low.
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