Quick question (and hopefully simple) How does the upper and lower attach?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Paper, May 8, 2008.

  1. Paper

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    My items will be here tomorrow and although I have a knowledgeable person to assemble it, I'm just wondering how they attach to each other, for my own knowledge..

    I searched and found tons of upper and lower info, but nothing on how they go together..

    Both my upper and lower are fully assembled, minus the stock.

    Super Glue and Duct Tape?
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  3. Paper

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    I can still use the Super Glue and Duct Tape though, right??

    Thanks GM!!! I was guessing a front latch and rear clasp or something, but pins make much better sense..

    The really weird thing is that I have two packages arriving at MY place tomorrow according to UPS tracking.. I'm guessing it's the upper and the stock and mags, with the lower going to my dealer, but I could see a screw up on the shipping end, with everything arriving at my house..:bigeyes:

    The have my dealer's address and he faxed in his FFL, but they also have my 03 FFL on file.. I'm hoping that they shipped everything correctly..

    Thanks for the link to the photos!! That's exactly what I was looking for.. I was searching for assembly instructions, but field stripping would have been a better search..


    I'm sure my cat will help, too..:09:
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  4. If you search you tube, search AR assembly/disassembly, a lot will come up. Also, and I hate to name one forum on while on another, but AR15.com has a ton of links.

    There is even a good one on taking the bolt apart on you tube, well actually, quite a few. But some better then others.

    And this place has a good cleaning kit, if you like gunbutter that is.
    Receiver & Carrier Lubrication - Mid-South Tactical Network (MSTN)

    MSTN AR-Receiver Lube Kit - Mid-South Tactical Network (MSTN)

    Glad I could help. Your putty tat does look interested in it also? lol
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    My shipping worries were unfounded.. My barrel, stock, mags, and carry handle were dropped off at my house (now safely inside)..

    Now to call the dealer and see if my receiver has arrived..