Quicky question on slug type

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TACAV, May 12, 2008.

  1. TACAV

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    Sorry Newby question

    Ive been shooting Remington 1oz Rifled Slugsout of my smooth bore Improved Cylinder choke barrel (rem 870)

    I was looking at those Brenneke K.O slugs.

    I want the Improved foster type ones right? What would happen if I shout the sabot type ones out my Improved Cylinder choke barrel?
  2. AKHunter

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    A big hole in whatever it hits.

  3. ClayMan

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    You really have to shoot them to see how your particular gun does with each.

    But, in general, the sabot rounds (that cost more) are intended for rifled barrel shotguns (with no choke). Furthermore, I would want to make sure that is is safe to shoot sabot rounds through a choked barrel (vs. no choke) before I pulled the trigger. You need to read the ammo manufacturers warnings and/or your gun's manual. A solid copper sabot slug is definitely different from a lead sabot slug in terms of its ability to compress and pass safely through any constriction from the choke.

    Perhaps someone else will be able to chime in on this issue. Please be absolutely sure you know before you shoot sabots.

  4. You'll do a lot better with the breninke rifle slugs. Those sabot slugs are not for smooth barrels.
  5. They would tumble and accuracy would be horrible. +1 with AC.
  6. No one seeking new information . . .

    . . . should ever hesitate to ask (especially on this forum).

    One thing I would suggest is getting a rifled barrel as opposed to wondering about what slug to purchase. Rifled barrels are becoming
    less expensive and more available.