Quiet Shots?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by chopper725, May 8, 2008.

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    hi, i'm new to the forum. i am interested in info on ported, extra long barrels for Marlin 25N. i intend to use it for coon hunting, frog gigging, and pesky critter removal so it has to be as quiet as posible w/o a silencer. i shoot CCI CB Long rounds for their noise levels. they are fairly quiet compared to the Long Rife rounds but i want silent and legal if posible. any info would be much apriciated, thanks!!
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    Shoot subsonics if available.

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    what do you use a 22 for when frog gigging????
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    You are not going to find any ammunition much quieter than CBs.
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    I dunno.. These Centurion Ordnance, Inc. - New Products, Aguila Ammunition are pretty darn quiet.. Only issue is that they won't clear certain .22 rifle barrels..
    Some, they'll run right through, while others will stick.. It's a snap to push them through if they stick, but you have to make sure before firing an actual .22 round, as it would be a barrel obstruction and could cause some pretty bad damage or worse!!!:bigeyes:
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but a porting usually makes a gun louder, so porting may not be what you want. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a ported .22lr (I'm sure there are, but none come to mind).
  7. I agree about the porting. It should make the rifle louder. Porting is to reduce muzzle jump and recoil but the trade off is more noise. Also the longer the barrel the less effective the sub sonic rounds are going to be. I am not sure about the burn on a sub sonic cartridge but it peaks out pretty fast so a long barrel is not going to gain you anything.. Try to get a barrel length that is just a little longer than the peak pressure happens with the ammo. The noise level will not be effected but the preformance will be better.
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    Ported Barrel on a .22?? Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but isn't porting designed to lighten the shock of recoil? That being the case I personally can't see why someone would want a ported barrel on a .22 cal. just my .02 Only ported barrel I've ever seen on a .22 cal rifle was on a ruger 10/22 that had more than a few add-ons on it. As for quiet ammunition IMO you can't beat the CB's.
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    Nobody Here Has Shot Coons?

    OP, coons take a lot more killing than the .22 short has got.
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    Yep - Coons and Possums are tough little buggers. I once popped a Possum between the eyes at PBR with a .22 Colibri - it bounced off his little skull and he ran....

    I did find him dead later - but it sure wasn't a quick kill - one mother of a headache though! :scool:

    Quiet with stopping power - pay Uncle the $200 and get a can. 'Nuff said.
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    That's always a way to go BD! I would think if he was shooting at close range, with a bolt action, he could shoot something like the Aguila .22 SSS, with a 60gr pill in a 22 short case at subsonic speed and put a hurtin' on them.
  12. Not nesarrly! It is possible to ethicaly and humanely kill a coon with a .22 short. NOT A COBRY OR SUPER COLIBRY! As they do lack power. I would recommend CB caps also.

    You won't get much quiter than that.
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    Porting does not make a gun louder. It just moves the noise. The shooter will hear more noise from a ported gun.

    Yes, there are ported .22s, even .22 shorts, and for a good reason. Look at Olympic rapid fire competition.

    I have a High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22 lr with a factory (ported) muzzle brake. These used to be very common. The muzzle brake makes recovery faster when shooting rapid fire competition.
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  14. Real world test-Glenfield model 25,Just tried it-The colibri sss 60 grain is about twice as loud as a cb long.My experience is the 60 grain bullit has more penetrating power and basically is a big chunk of lead on a 22 short case-Extremly effective on armadillos.By the same token the cb in short or long has worked well for me on coons and possums at close range-With proper shot placement.The shorts seem to be slightly louder than longs for some reason.I have only used these as pest control and not in a hunting situation.I would think full power loads would be best for huntin.
  15. I have killed squirrels with cb shorts and longs. They defiently have the power with head shots at limited ranges.
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    Couldn't have said it better! sam.
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    CCI CB Long is hard to beat for quiet... but outside 100 feet, it doesn't pack much punch and you'll probably want to go to the Remington subsonic. And the guys are right.. possums and (especially) racoons are tough critters. Between the eyes is a smart play.
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    Aguila makes or used to make super quiet 22 LRs. i think they were called COLIBRIS or something. not much power. and they smell funny. but they are very quiet. do NOT shoot them in an auto loader though. they have about the same power as a crosman pellet gun so i dont think id use them for some of the larger varmints. they'd probably be great for shooting frogs and chipmunks and the like. maybe starlings. but i wouldnt go much bigger.
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    frog gigin the right way

    You musta never accedently gigged a copper head or cotton mouth and had the puzzling delema of how to get it off the gig. also its a lot easyer to get within say 20yrds instead of 12ft.:smirk: